5 Apple Products That Are Coming Next

Apple's Next Bets

Apple had plenty of new stuff to show off during its Sept. 7 event with the unveiling of the iPhone 7, AirPods and Apple Watch Series 2. A number of widely expected Apple products didn't get to share the stage, though. New versions of some of Apple's biggest products are long overdue -- but rumors suggest Apple has plans to release them soon, perhaps at another event this fall. In any case, here are five products that are likely to get a new release by Apple next.

iPad Pro

The original, 12.9-inch iPad Pro was unveiled in September 2015, meaning that an update this fall wouldn't be out of the question. And the recent introduction of a much-improved new generation of mobile processors by Apple, for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, suggests the company may have some similar intentions for its iPad Pro line. What Apple did with its iPhone 7 processor, the 64-bit A10 Fusion, was include four cores for separate types of tasks on the phone. Two of the cores are for high performance, while the other two are for maximizing power efficiency of certain tasks. The iPad Pro--the sales of which have already been good, according to Apple--could get a further boost with the introduction of a tablet-ready version of the new processors, perhaps the A10X Fusion.

MacBook Pro

Based on the rumors now in circulation, one of the surest bets in terms of upcoming Apple product releases is an overhauled version of the MacBook Pro. While it's Apple's top-of-the-line laptop in terms of horsepower, the MacBook Pro hasn't gotten a major new update since 2012. A thinner, lighter form factor is one likely upgrade for the new version MacBook Pro; better processors and battery life, along with USB-C connectivity, are also expected.

As far as brand-new features go, the next MacBook Pro is rumored to be getting a touch screen "strip" above the keyboard. The touch screen would take the place of the typical row of function keys, allowing users to configure key shortcuts based on whatever they're working on at the time.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was long a popular option for users that wanted a thinner, lighter Apple laptop in comparison to the MacBook Pro. Then the ultra-portable and ultra-pretty MacBook came along. But rumors suggest Apple isn't abandoning the MacBook Air, with Bloomberg reporting that a new update to the laptop is coming as soon as October alongside the MacBook Pro. USB-C connectivity is expected to be among the changes, according to the report. Other upgrades might include a slimmed-down body from its current 0.68 of inch thickness and the latest generation of Intel Core processors.


The iMac has gone through a number of changes -- some more dramatic than others -- in its 18-year history. And the all-in-one desktop computer may be about to get another one. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new iMac line with upgrades including improved graphics processors made by Advanced Micro Devices. The iMac last got updates for both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions in October 2015.

5K Monitor

Apple recently phased out its 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, but that may not mean the company is getting out of the external monitor business. Through a partnership with LG, Apple is now working on a new display that would fall into the category of 5K, according to reports from Bloomberg and 9to5Mac. That is, the display would be extremely high-res with as high as 5,120 x 2,880 pixel resolution.