CRN Exclusive: HP Imaging President Enrique Lores On The A3 Sales Charge, The 'Huge' Smart Delivery Services Breakthrough, And Future Sensor-Software IoT Innovation

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Leading The A3 Sales Charge

HP Imaging and Printing President Enrique Lores says the printer market leader's new A3 copier replacement product portfolio, which began shipping last week and is being carried by 500 partners, already has a solid sales pipeline.

"Our focus now is making sure that the customers and partners when they get these products for the first time are really delighted," said Lores in an interview with CRN. "All the plans are in place. Now it is time to make sure that everything works and those first engagements exceed expectations."

Partners say Lores' leadership has set the stage for them to take a big bite out of what amounts to a new $54 billion market opportunity. They say the A3's 20 percent to 30 percent lower cost of services model powered by the A3's Smart Delivery Services (SDS) Internet of Things sensor/software innovation is a channel game-changer.

"It is a huge breakthrough because we are bringing the intelligence of IT to the copier world," said Lores of the SDS model. "What we have done is bring some of the capabilities that you have today to manage servers, networks and PCs to copiers. So the printers will be telling us what is about to break, what parts are wearing out."

Lores spoke with CRN about the A3 sales offensive, the breakthrough smart services delivery model, and future sensor/software-based Internet of Things innovation.

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