Conversation Starters: 5 Keys To Lenovo's AI Future

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Smart Investments

Lenovo is betting big on smart devices' ability to catapult the company into a future IT market dominated by artificial intelligence, and the company is giving a peek at the concept products it says will get it there.

Lenovo CTO Yong Rui, in a blog post published as the company's Tech World conference kicked off in Shanghai, China, this week, said the company is investing heavily in AI, including spending on personne, and an Artificial Intelligence Lab staffed by more than 100 researchers around the world.

Rui writes that in order to enable AI to "change how we live and work and how our societies operate," Lenovo must get algorithms, big data and computing power right. Lenovo this week is showing off a handful of concept products intended to show that the company has done just that.

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