5 Features Of Intel's Next-Generation Processors For 2-in-1s And Ultrathin Notebooks

Intel's Newest Chips

Intel on Monday unveiled its eighth-generation processors, with improved performance and responsiveness features for 2-in-1s and ultrathin notebooks for small businesses.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said that its next-generation processor lineup, which consists of two i5 and two i7 models, is based on its Kaby Lake microarchitecture. The upcoming processors will tout a 40 percent performance increase over the previous generation of chips. Intel said that its chips for desktops would be launched later in the fall. Partners and systems integrators, for their part, can look to the new processor lineup to incent their customers to upgrade their PCs. Following are five features on Intel's newest processor lineup.

Target Devices

When Intel rolls out its processors, it often has different launch dates for certain types of PCs. Intel's device lineup includes the Y-series, which includes thin detachables, the U-series, which includes 2-in-1s and thin notebooks, the H Series, which include performance laptops, and the S Series, which includes performance desktop devices.

Intel's next generation of processors launched on Monday will target the U-Series, or small businesses using 2-in-1s and thin notebooks. Intel said it would launch other processors, including those targeting desktops, later in the fall.

Performance Boost

Intel said that its upcoming processors would tout a 40 percent performance increase over the previous generation of chips.

In addition to a performance boost, Intel said that the processor allows devices to be up to two times faster while multitasking over a five-year-old system – and up to 40 percent faster while multitasking versus a device powered by a seventh-generation processor.


The Intel processors, which include the i7-865OU, i7-855OU, i5-835OU, and i5-825OU models, also have improved content editing and creation capabilities, as well as office productivity and multitasking features.

The top performance model, the i7-865OU, runs up to 4.2 GHz and features an 8 MB cache. All chips have four cores with eight threads, as well as DDR4-2400 memory.

Content Editing and Creation

Intel has focused on content editing and creation applications as part of its eighth-generation Kaby Lake processors for 2-in-1s. The company's processors enable a dedicated media engine allowing users to create, edit and share 4K video content "faster and easier."

Also, Intel touted its Intel Quick Sync Video for real-time 4K rendering, optimizing content creation applications.

Other Features

Intel's eighth-generation processors have an array of other features. The company has continued its close integration features with the Windows OS, including Cortana voice assistant and Windows Hello for secure login to devices.

The newest processor also has built-in security with Intel Online Connect, enabling fingerprint touch-to-pay, secure guest checkout, hardened password managers, and integrated two-factor authentication.