Xerox CEO Jacobson On Growing In The A4 Space, The Burgeoning App Ecosystem And Why You Need Some Channel Conflict

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What sales and technology investments are you making to support multi-brand dealers?

Everything from demand generation to training to helping them put more feet on the street. And again, it's co-existing because we love our mono-brand channel, too. One of the things I've always said is, 'If you don't have enough conflict, you don't have enough channel coverage.' We don't want to put people in each other's backyards. But we want to make sure we have all the coverage we need.

What's the thinking behind having agents take more control of billing rather than do referrals?

Well, they want to expand too. They want to be a full-service provider. And where we can do that and help them, we certainly want to do it. If they feel that's not the right model for them, we will work with them in the model they grew up with us [in].

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