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Nvidia GTC Fall 2021: 8 Big Announcements For AI, Security And More

Dylan Martin

CRN dives into significant announcements Nvidia made around AI, security, networking, 3-D design and more at its fall GTC 2021 conference. ‘As we accelerate more applications, our network of partners experience growing demand for Nvidia platforms,’ CEO Jensen Huang says.

The Full-Stack Computing March Continues

Nvidia unleashed a smorgasbord of new hardware and software technologies at its fall GTC 2021 conference, giving enterprises everything from low-power inference GPUs and tiny supercomputers to high-speed networking platforms and collaboration platforms for 3-D design.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO and co-founder, continued to push the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker as a “full-stack computing company” that provides the silicon, systems and software for fast-growing and critical applications ranging from threat detection to digital twins.

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“Starting from computer graphics, the reach of our architecture has reached deep into the world‘s largest industries,” he said in his fall GTC 2021 keynote Tuesday. “We start with amazing chips, but for each field of science, industry, and application, we create a full stack.”

Huang said the company now has more than 150 software development kits that serve everything from 5G and robotics to quantum computing and earth sciences. This is creating more opportunities for the chipmaker’s channel partners, he added.

“As we accelerate more applications, our network of partners experience growing demand for Nvidia platforms,” Huang said.

What follows is a roundup of eight significant announcements Nvidia made at the fall GTC 2021 conference that touch upon AI, security, networking, 3-D design and more.

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Dylan Martin

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