The 10 Coolest IoT Hardware Companies: The 2022 Internet Of Things 50

Innovations in hardware enable artificial intelligence, 5G and other IoT capabilities. That’s why CRN has recognized some of the biggest names in this space, from Dell Technologies and Cisco to Lantronix and Advantech. Click below for the 10 coolest IoT hardware companies of 2022.


Hardware forms the base on which IoT is built. From the tiny edge and mobile sensors collecting data to the servers and storage devices on which collected data is centralized and analyzed to the massive data centers in which much of this work is done, every part of the IoT process requires a hardware component.

Going forward, as more and more of the IoT functionality gets done on the edge where data can be collected, stored, and analyzed before being sent to a centralized location for further processing, hardware will plan an even more important role.

As part of CRN’s Internet Of Things 50, here’s a look at 10 hardware developers impacting the industry.


KC Liu, Chairman

Taiwan-based Advantech is investing in expanding its core competencies, co-creation model and an industry-focused application approach for its brand of industrial IoT offerings. Major announcements over the past year include a Nvidia-certified computer for AI at the edge for health care and rugged, waterproof edge intelligence gateway for harsh environments.

Cisco Systems

Chuck Robbins, Chairman, CEO

Cisco has been targeting the industrial IoT space with its 2020 acquisition of Fluidmesh Networks, which improved its ability to reach critical, on-the-move IoT applications. The San Jose, Calif.-based networking giant is helping enterprises connect and monitor their IoT endpoints, while automating operations and harnessing data to make more intelligent business decisions.

Dell Technologies

Michael Dell, CEO, Chairman, Founder

Dell Technologies offers a slew of hardware to enable IoT including edge gateways and edge-specific servers and hyperconverged infrastructure. Dell Technologies’ IoT Solution for Safety and Security architecture enables customers to see data from any number of data streams as well as plan and act in ways to better secure organizations.


Paul Chawla, CEO

Italy-based Eurotech designs, develops and supplies edge computers and end-to-end IoT solutions that include hardware, software, and services to systems integrators and enterprises. It’s Everyware Cloud industrial IoT platform provides the components and software for IoT, edge gateways to monitor of assets, and high-performance edge computers for applications such as AI.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Antonio Neri, CEO

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a range of infrastructure, application and security IoT solutions for connecting new and existing devices and protecting IoT data and devices. HPE’s GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform is a key element of the company’s IoT offerings, as are the company’s Edgeline converged edge systems that can acquire, analyze and act upon edge data.


Pat Gelsinger, CEO

Microprocessors from chip giant Intel power many of the systems and devices within today’s IoT networks. The company has developed a number of products specifically for the IoT space including the 12th Gen Intel Core Processors for IoT Applications and the Intel Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 Processors for IoT Applications. The company also provides Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits: Integrated, use-case-focused, commercial-grade technology bundles for building IoT solutions for key industry verticals.


Paul Pickle, CEO and President

Lantronix serves the global IoT industry with SaaS, connectivity services, engineering services, intelligent hardware, and turnkey systems to address business’ requirements for integrated software and application development, SaaS-based management, intelligent edge computing, device connectivity (wired, Wi-Fi, and cellular), and various sensors and trackers.


Yang Yuanqing, CEO

Hong Kong-based PC giant Lenovo introduced its Commerical IoT (CIoT) group at the end of 2019 and has launched solutions in smart buildings and smart retail to help customers simplify business with IoT services. Lenovo looks for IoT partners around the world with solutions in real estate, retail manufacturing, healthcare, education and transportation.


Jensen Huang, CEO

Nvidia’s Jetson line of products, including the Jetson Nano single-board computer and its related developer kit, are among the chip company’s key offerings in the IoT arena. The Jetson Nano is designed for embedded applications, robotics, edge devices and AI IoT systems. Nvidia also offers the JetPack SDK for building AI software, including for edge and IoT devices.


Cristiano Amon, CEO

San Diego, Calif.-based Qualcomm aims to help customers commercialize their products faster and more cost-effectively using optimized platforms in the areas of smart bodies, smart homes, and smart cities. The company offers technologies like its Snapdragon processors, cognitive computing, Blutooth, Wi-Fi, GNSS, LTE modems and more to deliver expanded capabilities for current and future IoT end products.