The 10 Coolest Storage Component Vendors: The 2022 Storage 100

These 10 storage component vendors give software and data the right base on which to operate.

While software is at the heart of storage systems, hardware components are at the base.

Those components, including processors, SSDs and hard drives, interface cards and memory controllers, make it possible to build the right hardware to run the software and services that define how businesses store, protect, access and share their most valuable assets: data.

As part of CRN’s 2022 Storage 100, here are 10 of the hottest component makers today.


John Tu

Co-Founder, CEO

Kingston is a leading manufacturer of memory modules of all types, SSDs, USB flash drives, memory cards and card readers, and embedded and industrial flash and DRAM components. Kingston said in 2021 that it is the top third-party DRAM module supplier as well as the largest supplier of branded SSD modules, citing research firm TrendForce.


Toshiaki Fujikawa

President, CEO, Kioxia America

Kioxia, formerly known as Toshiba Memory, is the world’s second-largest memory manufacturer. It manufactures 3-D flash memory, managed flash memory and SLC NAND flash memory, along with enterprise, data center and client SSDs. It is also a key supplier of SSDs, memory cards and U.S. flash drives for consumer devices.

Micron Technology

Sanjay Mehrotra

President, CEO

Micron Technology, the world’s third-largest memory manufacturer and for now the only one based in the U.S., produces a broad portfolio of memory technologies including DRAM, NAND, managed NAND and NOR flash, along with memory cards for mission-critical applications, and SSDs for client, enterprise, cloud, industrial and automotive use.


Kye Hyun Kyung President & CEO, Device Solutions Division

Samsung, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, produces DRAM chips and modules; SSDs for data center, enterprise and client use; and consumer-focused SSDs and memory cards. Samsung entered production of PCIe 5.0 SSDs for enterprise servers, along with data center SSDs customized for hyperscale environments.


Hao Zhong

Co-Founder, CEO

ScaleFlux’s Computational Storage Drives start with its own storage processor with programmable cores that allow compute capabilities to be added to NVMe drives so that data can be processed without moving it from the drive to a server’s memory. The company works with partners like Micron to develop the devices.

Seagate Technology

Dave Mosley


Seagate is a top SSD and hard-drive manufacturer and has recently expanded its services capability with its Lyve cloud technologies. The company in 2021 introduced its Exos Application Platform, which combines storage and compute to intelligently capture, store and analyze data, and extended its Lyve edge-to-cloud storage platform with data transfer as a service.


Rob Crooke


Solidigm was formed in late 2021 when Intel unveiled plans to sell its SSD business and certain NAND SSDassociated intellectual properties along with a China-based NAND memory manufacturing facility to South Koreabased SK Hynix. The company then established Solidigm for that purpose.

Super Micro Computer

Charles Liang

Founder, President, Chairman, CEO

When a storage manufacturer or systems integrator wants to build custom systems, one of the first places they look to for the hardware part is Supermicro. The company develops high-performance server and storage systems and components for data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, highperformance computing and embedded markets.


Silvio Muschter


Swissbut manufactures storage, security and embedded IoT technologies for customers storing and protecting data in industrial, network communications, automotive, medical and fiscal applications, as well as across IoT. Storage components include PCIe and SATA SSDs, memory cards and USB devices.

Western Digital

David Goeckeler


Western Digital is one of the planet’s top hard-drive and SSD manufacturers of storage media for PC, data center and embedded use. It is also a top storage industry investor via Western Digital Capital organization, with companies like Wasabi, Qumulo, Excelero, Iridia, WekaIO, Pliops and NGD in its portfolio