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The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups Of 2021 (So Far)

Dylan Martin

These startups are taking on semiconductor heavyweights like Intel and Nvidia with new kinds of silicon solutions for compute, storage and networking, many of which are headed for the data center.

New Silicon Solutions For Compute, Storage And Networking

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The semiconductor industry may be dominated by juggernauts like Intel, Samsung and Nvidia, but the changing needs of applications, especially those in the data center, have created an opening for a new wave of startups that are creating new kinds of silicon solutions for compute, storage and networking.

These chip startups are working on everything from general-purpose processors that can outperform Intel’s and AMD’s latest to accelerators that can speed up AI and deep learning workloads. And with IDC projecting global semiconductor revenue to continue growing in 2021 after a year of pandemic-induced challenges, these semiconductor startups could benefit from what AMD CEO Lisa Su once called the “insatiable demand for more compute.”

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What follows are the 10 hottest semiconductor startups of 2021 so far, and their products range from general-purpose processors and accelerators to network and CPU-offload chips.

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