CRN's Virtualization 100: Part 1

Virtualization 100: Part 1

Vendors often claim that virtualization is a stepping stone to the cloud, and it’s tough to argue, but there is still a ton of innovation and attention being paid to virtualization itself. The early ROI for server virtualization has been impressive, and now virtualization players are working to get those same advantages going in other parts of IT.

Even as many data center virtualization startups have moved on to the cloud, virtualization is still one of the IT industry’s most charged buzzwords. Of course, virtualization isn’t just happening in the data center. Desktop virtualization continues to make inroads and storage virtualization startups have been getting a ton of attention in recent months. But the hottest part of the market right now is virtualization management, where startups are building tools and functionality that plugs gaps that exist in big companies’ portfolios.

Here we take a look at part one of CRN's Virtualization 100, a comprehensive list of who's who in the virtualization space. Click here for part 2.

2X Software

Addison, Texas
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Rival of Citrix in server-based computing, offers low-cost option for companies migrating to new server virtualization technology or tying different technologies together, connecting to VDI or terminal services. Partners with Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell.

A10 Networks

San Jose, Calif.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

Sells virtual machines that run on its AX Series Application Delivery Controllers and OS. VMs integrate with VMware vSphere, vCenter and VMotion. Sees virtualization solutions as key to lowering costs around cloud computing.

AEP Networks

Somerset, N.J.
Expertise: Security

Sells entry-level virtual appliance that provides remote access over any network or device; includes enterprise SSL VPN that connects to a company's virtualization infrastructure. Also uses flexible pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Altor Networks (Juniper)

Redwood Shores, Calif.
Expertise: Security

Virtual Firewall combines VMware VMsafe firewall and virtualization-aware IDS; inspects all packets traveling to and from virtual machines and blocks unapproved connections. Juniper is using to beef up its security architecture for physical, virtual systems.


Brea, Calif.
Expertise: Security

EpiForce Security product prevents virtual machines, physical servers and endpoints from malware; isolates VMs on the same physical host. Ideal for cross-platform usage because it maintains policy during migrations to VMotion or VirtualCenter.


Schaumburg, Ill.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

Microsoft partner whose AppTitude product handles app compatibility testing for Windows 7 migrations. Also offers AppTitude Virtual App Machine, which tests an app’s suitability for virtualization in Microsoft App-V deployments and for Citrix XenApp.


New York
Expertise: User Virtualization

Technology enables user settings and personal workspaces to be moved easily within virtualized desktop environments; helps IT standardize desktop builds and application delivery. Received $70 million in venture capital funding from Goldman Sachs.


Mountain View, Calif.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

Acquired by Symantec in 2008, now called Symantec Workspace Streaming. Includes on-demand app streaming, offline cache, license recovery and instant app upgrades; enables remote/mobile workers to access Windows apps from anywhere.


Andover, Mass.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

'Zero OS' approach relies on Virtual Application Appliances to decouple apps from underlying infrastructure. Works with Linux, Solaris and Windows; comes with wizard-based tool for building VAAs. Runtime support, administration also included.


Westborough, Mass.
Expertise: Analytics

Frontline Performance Intelligence solution provides analysis of physical and virtual desktop performance, application performance and user productivity. Product allows customers to react to issues before they impact business.

Atlantis Computing

Mountain View, Calif.
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Atlantis ILIO boosts storage, desktop performance in virtual desktop infrastructure environments. Integrates with Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and more. Improves Windows integration with shared VDI storage, a non-native capability for the OS.


Nashua, N.H.
Expertise: Analytics

Eponymous flagship product takes hassle, expense out of file data migration projects by giving companies visibility into the different types of file data residing on their networks. Also categorizes file data in SANs and cloud computing environments.


Huntsville, Ala.
Expertise: Virtualization Management

Control and manageability solution provides realtime tracking and control servers, networking gear and power. Data center planning solution monitors heat, cooling and power; manages devices and locates assets by type, domain name, IP address.


San Francisco
Expertise: Virtualization Management

Technology designed for so-called mixed environments with different operating systems, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Also works with all types of hardware, from commodity to high end. Can manage servers, data centers, clusters.


San Jose, Calif.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Offers virtualization framework including virtual servers, file system virtualization, virtual storage pools. Products help companies increase size and scale of virtualization deployments without negatively impacting throughput, storage performance.

CA Technologies

Islandia, N.Y.
Expertise: Virtualization Management

Focuses on ensuring uptime for virtualized infrastructure and apps. In February launched CA Partner Solution Center, which offers VARs sales, marketing and technical assets to help them resell and build their virtualization practice with CA products.


Scotts Valley, Calif.
Expertise: Security

Focuses on the changes virtualization exerts on security architecture and regulatory compliance. vSecurity works with VMware and Citrix server virtualization, includes virtual appliance deployed inside each VMware or Xen host vs. each virtual machine.


Rosh Haayin, Israel
Expertise: Application Virtualization

Software-free solution designed for companies that need to deliver and manage more than one application, but not the entire PC, within their environments. Consists of virtual workspace that can run applications without impacting the underlying OS.


Burlington, Mass.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

aCelera virtual appliance plugs into Microsoft and VMware deployments to manage, boost speed of apps running over WAN. Improves scalability while reducing company’s overall hardware footprint. Allows for on-demand deployment of applications.


Richmond Hill, Ontario
Expertise: Analytics

Software determines server and resource efficiency and optimal workload placements to maximize efficiency of physical, cloud and virtual infrastructure. Analytics engine works with VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, Zones, IBM LPARS, WPARS or mainframes.

Cisco Systems

San Jose, Calif.
Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Focuses on data center virtualization; strategy includes network infrastructure, storage networking and application networking. Invested $150 million in VMware in 2007. Last year launched desktop virtualization product to boost rich media, video streaming.

Citrix Systems

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Early leader in desktop virtualization, has since expanded to server virtualization, application delivery and management, SaaS and cloud computing. Acquired XenSource in October 2007 and oversees development of Xen open-source hypervisor.


Austin, Texas
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Founded in 1997, early entrant to thin-client computing and desktop virtualization. Offers zero clients, thin clients, servers, blades and VDI. Spun off software business as VDIWorks in 2008 to ensure hardware, software would be vendor-agnostic.

ConfigureSoft (EMC)

Colorado Springs, Colo.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Developer of server configuration, change and compliance management software. Acquired in 2009 by EMC, which uses technology to manage customers’ entire IT information across storage, networks, servers and applications.


Redwood City, Calif.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Develops software and appliances based on the open-source ATA over Ethernet, which allows data on commodity SATA drives to be directly accessed over Ethernet networks without overhead of TCP/IP protocol used with iSCSI.

Datacore Software

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

SANsymphony-V software helps organizations optimize storage utilization as they consolidate servers and desktops with virtualization technology. Automates capacity management, performance management and data protection management.

Dell (Compellent, EqualLogic)

Round Rock, Texas
Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Claims to offer ’virtually limitless combinations of high-performance virtualization platforms, software and services.’ Scalent buy added virtualization to Dell’s data center management solution. Has spent nearly $2 billion on cloud, virtualization buys.


Menlo Park, Calif.
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Dynamic Virtual Desktop platform uses proprietary technology to provide access to desktops from any device. Benefits include centralized desktop management, easy provisioning and configuration, better efficiency and security, and lower TCO.


Chelmsford, Mass.
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Platform enables virtual desktop infrastructure to be delivered as cloud-based subscription service. Charges $30 a month for a Windows 7 Enterprise virtual desktop; benefits include fast provisioning, lower capex and more efficient management.


Calgary, Alberta
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Developer of Windows-based desktop virtualization solutions for SMB. Konect Elite centralizes application and desktop management and delivers Windows applications and desktops as an on-demand service to any PC, thin client or laptop.

Dot Hill

Longmont, Colorado
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Longtime storage vendor entered virtualization last year with AssuredUVS, a storage appliance that virtualizes SAN and NAS storage under a common interface. Uses virtualization technology from Cloverleaf Communications acquisition.


Burlington, Mass.
Expertise: Virtualization Management

Virtual Resource Manager handles automated delivery and management of virtual resources for multitenant environments; includes policies, processes and tracking. Helps companies deal with the complexity of provisioning virtual desktops, servers.


Marlborough, Mass.
Expertise: Virtualization Management

PAN Manager virtualizes servers, I/O and networks into scalable resources that can be quickly allocated and de-allocated. Takes advantage of storage capacity in a data center to provide high availability, disaster recovery for mission-critical applications.


Expertise: Virtualization Management

V-Commander handles automated management of virtual and private cloud infrastructure. Allows customers to find and remediate capacity, performance issues, avoid virtual sprawl and boost quality of service. Partners with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix.


Costa Mesa, Calif.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

LightPulse Virtual adapter optimizes efficiency and cuts cost of server virtualization in SAN environments. N-Port ID Virtualization addresses problems that arise when virtualized servers are sharing the same Fibre Channel attachments.

Endeavors Technologies

Irvine, Calif.
Expertise: Application Virtualization

Application Jukebox tackles delivering applications to virtual desktops. Transforms Windows applications to the cloud and then streams them virtually to any machine. Benefits include running apps at native speeds and no installation hassles.


Expertise: Virtualization Management

Elastic Computing Platform tool for cloud service providers and data centers includes configuration and image templates that allow virtual machines to be provisioned on specific hosts. Also allows them to be started, stopped, rebooted from anywhere.

Ericom Software

Closter, N.J.
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Developer of software that lets thin computing devices act as Windows Terminal Services or VDI virtual desktops. Positions its PowerTerm portfolio as an alternative to Citrix. Also compatible with Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, Oracle, Red Hat, Enomaly.


Pittsburgh, Pa.
Expertise: Server Virtualization

Offers management services for virtual private server, server virtualization and dedicated managed servers; lowers requirement for VMware, Xen, Microsoft experts. Also offers virtualization co-location and on-demand services.

F5 Networks

Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Broad portfolio that encompasses desktop, server, file and hardware virtualization. Focuses on role of application delivery controllers in virtualization and cloud computing environments; calls itself the "Swiss Army Knife of the data center."

Virtualization Videos

Video messages for solution providers from our Virtualization 100 vendors. (Sponsored)

F5 Virtualization—Flexible and Efficient


Melville, N.Y.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Network Storage Server solution features storage provisioning and virtualization, as well as data protection. Can use as gateway appliances that virtualize existing storage or as virtual appliances for VMware environments.

Flexera Software Boston

Expertise: Application Virtualization

Offers products that enable software and hardware vendors to capitalize on application virtualization, cloud computing and the creation of virtual appliances. Licensing software includes enforcement strategies by customer segment and geography.


Palo Alto, Calif.
Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Partners with VMware, Microsoft, Citrix. Says StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN solutions cut storage costs by 50 percent, boost capacity utilization by 33 percent. Offers Critical Advantage support for mission-critical apps in virtualized server environments.

Hitachi Data Systems

Santa Clara, Calif.
Expertise: Storage Virtualization

Virtual storage hardware/software platform, combined with Hitachi Command Suite, addresses unstructured data, siloed IT environments. Can adapt data storage infrastructures for performance, capacity and multivendor storage to deliver ROI.


Armonk, N.Y.
Expertise: Comprehensive Virtualization Portfolio

Offers server, desktop, storage virtualization, application infrastructure virtualization, virtualization networking and services. Data center, network optimization services stake out high-availability performance and security requirements in virtual environments


Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Provides thin clients that access customers’ applications and data on the network. All devices provide access to server-based Windows applications using Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP protocols.


Cupertino, Calif.
Expertise: Desktop Virtualization

Claims VDI-In-A-Box cuts 60 percent of VDI infrastructure costs; can deploy virtual desktops at less than $500 each, including server, storage and software licenses. Promises fast virtual desktop performance using inexpensive local direct-attached storage.


Expertise: Virtualization Management

Offers software, services platform for desktop and data center optimization across physical and virtual infrastructure. Lanamark Suite enables multivendor desktop virtualization, server virtualization using analysis of applications, users, workloads.


San Francisco
Expertise: Virtualization Management

Silverline SaaS offering includes application-level SLA management; application and resource monitoring across multiple servers; and cloud infrastructure management. Silverline is free for any usage up to eight cores in aggregate.

Liquidware Labs

Alpharetta, Ga.
Expertise: User and Workspace Virtualization

Developer of user and workspace management technology for virtual environments, including VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Windows 7. Stratusphere and ProfileUnity solutions smooth migrations to VDI by handling heavy lifting.

For more of CRN's Virtualization 100, see Part 2 of our list.