7 Bold HP Proclamations That Don't Tell The Whole Story

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3. "Cloud for us today is already a multi-billion dollar business" -- Dave Donatelli

While the math behind this claim is a bit fuzzy and may involve creative interpretation of what constitutes "cloud," there's no denying that HP was an early mover in the cloud marketplace. It was one of the first vendors to offer a true private cloud stack, called CloudSystem, with high-end management and orchestration features. HP claims to have more than 850 customers that have deployed CloudSystem.

Yet despite having a head start on the competition, HP to date has dropped the ball when it comes to marketing its cloud portfolio. That has allowed rivals to take advantage with more effective messaging that resonates better in the marketplace, sources told CRN.

HP calling its cloud computing efforts a "multi-billion dollar business" may be technically accurate, but calling HP a leader in the cloud space is another matter.

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