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HP: Moonshot Servers Ship With Intel Atom S1200 Centerton

Hewlett-Packard in April unveiled the first shipments of its high-density, low-energy-consumption HP Moonshot servers based on the Intel Atom S1200 Centerton processors and promised future versions based on a wide range of processors including ARM and AMD.

HP in late 2011 unveiled Project Moonshot as a way to build energy-efficient data center architectures, with initial demonstration systems built using ARM processors from Calxeda.

However, the first commercial shipments are based on the Intel Atom S1200 Centerton processors. The Centerton processors are the first Intel low-power-consumption Atom processors to feature 64-bit support.

In the near term, HP Moonshot is slated to be available ARM processors from Calxeda. with server cartridges based on the Intel Atom Avoton, the next version of the 64-bit Atom processor, as well as new


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