Behind The Numbers: Analyzing Gartner's Q2 Server Estimates

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Unix Servers Continue Fading Away

The Unix server business is still a big part of the overall server business, but it is continuing to gradually decrease as customers continue to increase their adoption of industry-standard servers and/or cloud computing for their mission-critical applications.

Unix server shipments fell 27.4 percent to 27,415 units in the second quarter of 2013, Gartner reported. That equated to a 25.3 percent drop in Unix server revenue to $1.6 billion.

IBM is still top dog in the Unix server business, with shipments down "only" 8.6 percent and revenue down by 24.4 percent. Oracle, thanks to its legacy Sun business, is maintaining its No. 2 position despite a 45.7 percent drop in shipments and a 26.1-percent drop in revenue. No. 3 HP only ships about half as many Unix servers as Oracle does. However, its Unix server revenue, which fell 26.8 percent over last year, is only $36 million lower than Oracle's revenue, giving it a chance to catch up.


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