20 Odd Tech Startup Names And The Real Stories Behind Them

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Piston Cloud Computing

CEO: Jim Morrisroe

Headquarters: San Francisco

Before co-founding Piston Cloud Computing, CTO Joshua McKenty was the Technical Architect of NASA's Nebula Cloud Computing Platform and the OpenStack compute components. So, he worked on the cloud and SaaS for years before these terms became buzzwords.

McKenty eventually realized that the perfect name for his company was lurking beneath all the hype.

"By the time I started OpenStack, I was sick and tired of hearing people say, 'The cloud is nothing but hot air.' The cloud is nothing but hot air. What do you do with hot air? You put a steam engine around it. You put a piston on top of it. Then you capture that force and turn it into work. So a piston is how you get power out of a cloud," McKenty said in an email.


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