Software, Hardware, High-Speed Sailing: 20 Scenes From Oracle OpenWorld

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Protesting America's Cup

One woman, who declined to state her name, protested the America's Cup race as a waste of San Francisco taxpayers' money.

Because Howard Street was covered for the event, she argued with police and security personnel that she could legally stand near the center of Oracle OpenWorld to protest the event.

Her placard read, "In the midst of today's race fun, remember that San Francisco will lose multimillions as hosts! Shame on Larry Ellison."

She told CRN that the taxpayers of San Francisco were persuaded that the event would be profitable for the city. "But it cost taxpayers," she said. "Sponsorships fell through. People didn't come."

When asked about the prestige of hosting the event, she replied, "Prestige? Prestige does not pave our roads. It doesn't help the homeless."


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