HP CEO Meg Whitman: 10 Signs HP's Turnaround Is On Track

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A New Urgency To Connect With Customers And Partners

HP paid dearly for CEO turnover and what Whitman called a "lack of consistent strategy" over the last five to seven years. That inconsistency "really hurt us here," she said. "The good news is now the entire company is focused on reconnecting to our customers and to our partners. Nothing is more important for the future of HP."

This year alone, Whitman said, she has met with over 1,000 customers and partners. That kind of engagement is taking place at not only the senior executive level but also throughout HP, said Whitman.

"Our focus is on delivering great experiences to our customers with every single interaction, whether that be in delivery of product or services or whether that be in a sales call or selling a solution," she said.


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