Review: Hewlett-Packard's Next-Gen Z620 Workstation

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Thunderbolt Too

Hewlett-Packard is among just a handful of vendors to fully embrace Intel's new Thunderbolt spec, which defines a high-speed bus for video and storage.

HP included a sample of its Thunderbolt 2.0 PCIe card in the test system, and its performance was pretty good. The card delivered a sustained transfer rate of 280 MB/s with sequential reads of 32K, but its IOps was just 8K. By reducing packet size to 4K, testers were able to boost IOps to 70K and still achieve 275 MB/s, or 2.2 Gb/s. In drag-and-drop tests of file transfers, the drive delivered a transfer rate in excess of 3 Gb/s.

HP's Thunderbolt card is scheduled to begin shipping early next year.


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