10 Data Center Predictions For 2014

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Top Of Mind In 2014: Data Center Efficiency

Squeezing more efficiency out of the data center, whether it's a full-blown, multitenant, fully hosted service or a server closet for a five-man shop, has always been a top goal for the administrators who run them. However, recent advances in server, client, power management and cloud technologies, if they haven't made efficiency easier to do, have at least made it possible to better control the power and performance profiles of the various parts of the data center.

As a result, efficiency will be the battle cry for data center admins in 2014 even more so than in the past. But it won't be efficiency for efficiency's sake. Instead, new efficiencies will be tied ever more closely with business objectives and, indeed, even with marketing campaigns as businesses look to be responsible corporate citizens.

Turn the page and see what likely will be among the top data center initiatives for 2014.


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