IBM Enterprise Hardware: 10 High And Low Points

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Hardware Rollercoaster Ride

A lot has been written about IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's new priority for the company, which includes relying less on hardware and more on the cloud, analytics and cognitive computing. Some say Rometty is leading IBM down the wrong path. Others say she is taking the painful right steps needed for a brighter future.

But one thing is for certain, few IBM divisions have felt the impact of Rometty's mission more than its Systems and Technology Group. In just the past 12 months the hardware-centric group has been hit with a reported layoffs as high as 25 percent, huge profit losses totaling $2.4 billion this past quarter, and divestitures of key hardware products such as the pending sale of IBM's line of x86 servers to Lenovo later this year.

Here is a look at IBM's hardware division from April 2013 to today.

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