Dell's Marius Haas Q&A: Channel Revenue Up, But Challenges Persist

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Just before Dell restructured its direct and indirect sales Michael Dell said the channel represented about 33 percent of Dell's revenue. Have you moved the needle?

Today in North America, 37 percent of Dell's revenue is going through the channel. Globally, in our top 10 markets around the world the amount of business through the channel varies between [23 percent and 70 percent].

To be clear, there isn't a mandate to achieve 40 [percent], 51 [percent] or 60 percent channel-driven revenues. The only number we care about is 100 percent market coverage. Our goal is to have a well-managed coverage model. If it ends up that dictates a majority of our business goes through the channel, we are fine with that.

What we don't want to do is oversaturate the market with too many partners.

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