Dell FX2 Server Review: A Closer Look

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FX2 Under The Microscope

Dell's FX2 servers are based on the Power Edge platform, blending compute, networking and storage in a 2U chassis. It represents Dell's head-first leap into the converged IT space. The FX2 is a versatile platform that allows users to configure the server to run a broad range of workloads.

The beauty of the FX2 is not just its flexibility to simultaneously run different jobs, but also its modular nature, allowing whatever is run inside the chassis to share networking, power, cooling and management software.

Dell partners say they love it because the FX2 has a small 2U chassis, making it an easier sell to customers who don't want to bite off more server than they can chew. The FX2, they say, requires a lower capital expenditure compared with similarly configured clustered servers.

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