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EMC SVP Tries To Convince Employees: 7 Reasons Dell Deal Makes Sense For Us

Matt Brown

Sales VP Preaches Optimism

A top EMC sales executive has taken to the company's intranet to make a personal plea in defense of the company's $67 billion merger with Dell.

Steve Crowe, senior vice president of global specialty sales and leader of global sales transformation and go-to-market, shared what he called his "personal feelings and thoughts around the proposed EMC-Dell merger" in a video recording posted on the company's employee intranet.

Those personal feelings and thoughts include the insight that the reseller agreement between Dell and EMC that ended in a messy divorce in 2011 is proof that the two companies' go-to-market strategies are complementary.

"I've really thought this through quite a bit," Crowe said, according to a transcript of the presentation filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. "The thoughts I'd like to share with you today are truly my own, personal, authentic thoughts. These are not bullets from marketing. These are not bullets from investor relations. This is truly how I feel in my gut about this proposed merger."

Crowe's presentation was filed just three days before a separate filing providing a little detail about planned job cuts under a restructuring initiative aimed at cutting $850 million in costs annually. Here, in Crowe's own words, are seven reasons the Dell merger is a good thing for EMC employees.

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