The 2016 Tech Innovator Awards

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Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse (pictured)

Built with the cloud and modern-day analytics in mind, this data warehousing technology aims to enable users to easily store, transform and analyze their business data with high performance. Plus, the latest update to the product brought in new automation capabilities that eliminate some of the complexity of traditional data warehousing.

Cisco Tetration Analytics

With Tetration, Cisco is offering a platform for providing crucial intelligence about what's going on inside a data center -- such as network flows and application insight, for instance. The goal is to enable companies to more quickly shift to software-defined networking, to simplify their data center operations, and to solve data center issues more quickly and intelligently.

Information Builders WebFocus Business User Edition

Working with big data can be complicated, which is why the WebFocus Business User Edition aims to provide a self-service option for business intelligence. Information Builders said its platform lets businesspeople generate insight from their data sets -- without needing to involve business intelligence developers -- and is ideal for solution providers focusing on the SMB market.

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