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The Top 10 HPE Stories Of 2016

Steven Burke

A Busy Year For HPE

For HPE, 2016 was a year of blockbuster spin in mergers and deals aimed at making the company a smaller, faster-moving, more innovative next generation infrastructure hybrid computing superpower.

Ultimately 2016 marked the year that HPE CEO Meg Whitman delivered on her five-year plan to make HPE matter again. The one time battered behemoth was viewed as a Silicon Valley dinosaur with a dispirited partner network when Whitman took the helm in September 2011. If that wasn't enough the company was $12.5 billion in debt.

HPE ended 2016 with $7.6 billion in cash and its sights set squarely on dominating the next generation software defined hybrid infrastructure market with a reignited innovation engine led by an all-star channel team.

The year included a number of breakthrough technology offerings including the ProLiant EC200a – which changed the SMB cloud services landscape – and new Edgeline systems, which are being touted as the industry's first converged systems for IoT.

Here are the top HPE stories of 2016.

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