Lenovo N. America President Ghilardi: Dell EMC, HPE And Cisco Are Stuck In 'The World Of The Past'

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'The World Of The Past'

Lenovo North America President Emilio Ghilardi is convinced the company has a more agile, forward-looking strategy than its data center rivals HPE, Dell EMC and Cisco. Saying those firms, which dominate the data center market, are stuck in "the world of the past," Ghilardi argues Lenovo's strategy of partnering with independent software start-ups rather than trying to acquire them or develop its own software in-house allows the China-based PC giant to move more quickly into hyper-convergence and software-defined technologies rather than prioritizing a large legacy hardware portfolio.

"CIOs have to deal with the simple situation that they are being asked daily to lower the cost and accelerate the deployment of new solutions," Ghilardi said "They can't do it with the traditional architecture."

Ghilardi acknowledges that all the major data center hardware vendors are facing the same problem, but says Lenovo, because it isn't married to a large legacy portfolio, can move much faster than Dell EMC, HPE or Cisco toward favorable outcomes for customers. And while he envisions a future in which compute power will be purchased like a utility, he's also convinced that Lenovo will be one of the very few manufacturers that will continue to produce data center hardware.

What follows is an edited excerpt from Ghilardi's conversation with CRN.

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