VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger On Maintaining Independence From Dell EMC, The Risk Of Channel Conflict, And Building A Relationship With AWS CEO Andy Jassy

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VMware's Brave New Multi-Cloud World

The IT landscape has shifted rapidly under VMware's feet over the past few years. A software vendor that achieved more than a decade of dominance in the data center has found itself adapting to highly disruptive new realities -- its core technology challenged by the advent of public cloud and application containers.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has led the charge to pivot the company to seize opportunities created by new computing paradigms, rather than suffer the fate of other technology stalwarts disrupted into irrelevance. He's done it over the past year under the watchful eye of Dell Technologies and its legendary founder, Michael Dell, now chairman of VMware's board.

The strategic shift set in motion two years ago was on full display at VMworld, the company's massive conference held this week in Las Vegas. VMware, the private cloud kingpin, clearly was showcasing how it was repositioning itself to be a multi-cloud lynchpin -- an enabler of heterogenous environments through new products and strategic partnerships with just about every major cloud player on the market.

Gelsinger sat down with CRN to discuss the relationships with Dell, Amazon Web Services and Google and how they will empower VMware to thrive into the next decade. Edited excerpts of the conversation follow.

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