Extreme Networks CEO Talks M&A Strategy, Revamping The Company And 'Significant' New Channel Investment

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Meyercord On The Record

Extreme Networks is pushing itself into the enterprise market unlike ever before through its M&A strategy and focus on becoming the largest pure-play networking vendor in the world.

"If I rewind a few years ago, I think Extreme had lost its way," said Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord, in an interview with CRN. "There were a lot of questions about, 'Will Extreme be around in the future?'"

Over the past several years, Meyercord has revamped the company with a new team dedicated to networking, while also acquiring strategic network assets from the likes of Avaya and Zebra Technologies. Meyercord talks to CRN about his M&A strategy, new channel investments and how its relationship with the NFL is "only getting stronger."

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