Dreamforce 2017: Google Cloud SVP Greene On Founding VMware, Gender Discrimination And Her Vision For The Future Of Tech

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Benioff Might Have Invested In VMware, If Not For The Oracle Affiliation

Benioff was so impressed with the new virtualization technology Greene explained to him at Oracle's headquarters, that he remembers the meeting like it was yesterday.

"I actually thought it was wow," Benioff told Greene. "You had this huge vision for virtualization. You painted this vision of greater efficiency."

Benioff might have invested, he said, but alas, Greene didn't seem interested.

"I wanted to invest, I didn't get that chance. We'll talk about that later," Benioff told her. "I think you were worried about Oracle potentially being a competitor."

Greene said that was likely the reason, but acknowledged she remembers the meeting less clearly, probably because she's been trying to shut Oracle out of her mind.

"So am I, actually," Benioff retorted.

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