Dreamforce 2017: Google Cloud SVP Greene On Founding VMware, Gender Discrimination And Her Vision For The Future Of Tech

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Gloria Steinem, On An Airplane, Helped Make Sense Of The Gender Discrimination Greene Experienced

When studying computer science at Berkeley, the percentage of women in the field was at an all-time high -- despite recent progress bringing women into the industry, it still hasn't caught up to those days.

Greene said she didn't understand why those early days were so much more gender-balanced until she spent nine hours sitting next to Gloria Steinem (pictured) on an airplane.

"What's going on?" Greene asked the feminist icon.

Steinem explained that whenever a field is starting out, there's no established ways of doing things, and gender doesn't matter "because everyone's inventing this new field," Greene said. "But as soon as money comes in and status come in, the men come in, and they take over."

"And I'm thinking that was the oil industry," Greene said.

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