CRN Exclusive: Incoming HPE CEO Neri On Delivering Public Cloud Economics On-Prem, 'Everything As-A-Service' And Why HPE's 'Channel First' Model Will Never Change

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Saving Customers 20 To 40 Percent With Multi-Cloud Workload Management

Incoming Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri says the company's new OneSphere multi-cloud management product for the first time brings financial transparency to on-premises and public cloud with a 20 to 40 percent potential cost savings, depending on the workload.

"We know when we go to an on-prem infrastructure you can save 30 to 40 percent," Neri told CRN. "We believe with the full automation of this platform we actually can save customers between 20 to 40 percent depending on what the infrastructure is and what the workload is."

Neri says the lack of a hybrid IT platform like OneSphere has resulted in customers "over-provisioning" virtual machines in off-premises public cloud environments. Through the Software as a Service (SaaS) portal HPE OneSphere will allow customers to optimize workloads based on cost and performance in both on-premises private cloud and public clouds, said Neri.

"One of the things that we know is customers are over-provisioning their infrastructure off-prem, and they are over-provisioning the size of the VM," he said. "Now we can give them the true understanding of what that needs to be, and that adds up to cost benefits they can realize."

Ultimately OneSphere brings much-needed analytics to multi-cloud management so customers and partners can optimize on-prem and off-prem workloads.

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