CRN's 2017 Products Of The Year

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This year, Cisco launched its Network Intuitive platform, an intuitive networking system that anticipates actions, stops security threats, and continues to evolve and learn. In tandem with Network Intuitive, Cisco debuted the new Catalyst 9000 series of switches. The series aims to deliver unmatched security, programmability and performance with custom ASICs and software layers. "Making the ASIC re-programmable to introduce new features is really [Cisco switches] evolving into a complete hardware and software solution," said Greg Stemberger, technical director for the NextGen networking practice at Chantilly, Va.-based Iron Bow Technologies. "You may have to update to new software, but a new software stack on a switch is much less intrusive than ripping out switches. It's more bang for your buck, for a longer lifespan."

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