2018 Data Center 100: 20 Data Center Management Providers

Data Center Management Providers

Data centers can be built with the best hardware and software and then deployed with the ­ nest services, but come to a screeching halt if those resources aren't properly managed. The right management tools help businesses and solution providers ensure data centers run efficiently, and warn administrators and users of issues that might impact their optimization. Data center hardware and software vendors provide a wide range of tools that may or may not be targeted more at managing their own products. Other vendors, however, provide third-party vendor-neutral tools.

Here's a look at the data center management providers on this year's Data Center 100 list.


Sumir Karayi, CEO

Headquarters: New York

1E helps customers automate the full software life cycle across their entire business. Its portfolio includes Windows Servicing Suite for delivering Windows 10, Tachyon for securing and governing software environments, and Nomad for enterprise software distribution.

Altima Technologies

Sara Clark, President, COO

Headquarters: Lisle, Ill.

Altima develops the NetZoom line of data center software, including NetZoomDC, an enterprise DCIM application for medium to large data centers across multiple geographies. It also offers NetZoom Windows management.

Asset Vue

Sean Cotter, President

Headquarters: Paoli, Pa.

Asset Vue provides RFID-based asset management and data center management services and products. Its technology provides businesses with up-to-date asset and inventory information by tracking assets through their life cycles.

BMC Software

Peter Leav, President, CEO

Headquarters: Houston

BMC delivers software to help businesses optimize and manage their digital infrastructures from mainframes to mobile devices to the cloud. It provides tools related to service management, workload automation, IT operations, cloud management, IT automation, and mainframe server management.

CA Technologies

Mike Gregoire, CEO

Headquarters: New York

CA develops IT management software for customers across mainframe and physical to virtual and cloud environments. Its core expertise can be found in its focus on cloud-delivered management applications, DevOps for application time-to-market acceleration, and security.


Paul Goodison, Chairman, CEO

Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The company's Cormant-CS DCIM offering is aimed at improving data visibility and accuracy to optimize IT infrastructure for cost savings and uptime reliability.

FNT Software

Nikolaus Albrecht, CEO

Headquarters: Parsippany, N.J.

FNT provides integrated software for IT management, DCIM, and telecommunication infrastructure management. Its products include FNT Command for integrated management of IT, network infrastructures, data centers and telecommunication.

Future Facilities

Hassan Moezzi, CEO

Headquarters: London

Future Facilities develops tools such as its 6SigmaRoom tool, based on computational fluid dynamics to model thermal design impacts on electronics and data centers.

Graphical Networks

Jan Durnhofer, CEO

Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Md.

Graphical Networks' web-based IT visualization platform, netTerrain, automates and simplifies the visualization, management and documentation of an entire IT landscape from logical network infrastructure diagrams to physical data center racks, cabling and circuits.


Chris Heim, CEO

Headquarters: Eden Prairie, Minn.

HelpSystems develops software for cybersecurity, IT operations management and monitoring, business intelligence and development, compliance and audit reporting, document and forms management, and cloud management for IBM i, Unix, Linux and Windows environments.


Rob Olson, President

Headquarters: Whitewater, Wis.

iButtonLink develops sensors and sensor networking technology with a focus on custom-engineered sensor solutions. Examples include the T-String, a multi-drop system looking at temperature variations throughout a large data center.


Fred Voccola, CEO

Headquarters: New York

Kaseya focuses on helping MSPs simplify IT management with software to reduce IT complexity. Included are applications for managing IT, business, security, service levels, Office applications and cloud.


Craig Compiano, President, CEO

Headquarters: San Francisco

Modius develops DCIM software, including OpenData -- a highly scalable software application that actively integrates power and environmental intelligence gathered from devices, software and hardware with other management applications.

Nlyte Software

Doug Sabella, President, CEO

Headquarters: San Mateo, Calif.

Nlyte develops DCIM technology to help businesses manage their data center, colocation, and managed service facility infrastructure. Nlyte 9.0 is available in an Enterprise edition, Energy Optimizer edition and a Platinum edition that combines the two.

RF Code

Phil Stern, CEO

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

The company uses wire-free sensors and infrared locators to show the location and condition of IT assets, intelligent gateways to gather information from those devices and software to help businesses act on that information.

RLE Technologies

Jeremy Swanner, President

Headquarters: Fort Collins, Colo.

RLE specializes in detecting data center environmental hazards. It develops detectors and monitors to protect against temperature, humidity, moisture and leaks, and integrates them with third-party automation and monitoring systems.


Jack Sweeney, CEO

Headquarters: Boston

The SevOne Data Engine turns raw data collected from networks and data centers into actionable insight for communications service providers, large enterprises and other customers.


Joe Kaeser, President, CEO

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Siemens provides data center planning and services through its DCIM, building automation, fire protection, physical security and power solutions. The company also helps customers build ’green’ data centers.


Kevin Thompson, President, CEO

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

SolarWinds helps IT professionals, MSPs and DevOps people better manage networking, server, application, storage, virtualization, cloud, development, security, or IT help desk operations. Nearly all its offerings are downloadable for free trial deployments, and they scale to meet the requirement of any business.

Sunbird Software

Herman Chan, President

Headquarters: Somerset, N.J.

Sunbird's DCIM software offering brings together real-time asset management, connection and capacity management, and change and energy and environment management via third-party intelligent rack power distribution units.