HPE Chief Sales Officer: The Super 6 Sales Opportunities Paying Off In Big Profits For Partners

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Intelligent Edge

The intelligent edge represents a $26 billion total addressable market, said Davis.

"This is a massive disruptive opportunity," said Davis. "Increasingly our customers apps and data won't live in the data center. It wasn't that long ago that most of the corporate data was ERP and CRM and those types of applications sitting in the data center. Increasingly the data lives and is created at the edge."

HPE, in fact, foresees customers acquiring and analyzing ever more data at the edge and acting on that data at the edge.

"If you look at some of the trends that are going on whether it is how much some of the cloud providers charge to move data around or whether it is privacy or GDPR in Europe, increasingly data is going to play a bigger role in customer's decisions as to where they ought to run the application," said Davis.

HPE's Aruba business is driving the intelligent edge opportunity with innovative software like ClearPass secure network software and Introspect machine learning software, said Davis.

HPE's Edgeline converged systems also represent a major opportunity bringing more compute and intelligence to the edge, said Davis.

"We see opportunities in every industry, everywhere around the globe whether it is smart governments, the airport of the future, the connected car," said Davis. "We believe all of the edges will be connected to a software defined, hybrid cloud environment and we want to ensure together with you that is HPE."

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