Lenovo Channel Chief Cato On Increasing Rebates, MDF And Sales Alignment To Get Back Into 'Growth Mode'

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How are you going to be increasing engagement with channel partners?

Around SMB, we don't have an end-user salesforce, so the channel is really our engine around that. What we're doing is building an SMB community of resellers. So our Gold, Platinum and NSP partners will all be a part of that SMB community, and our field resources will be aligned with them to go capture market share in that SMB space. So we're making new investments, we're having tighter sales coverage, and our support organization will all be aligned to help drive that SMB growth with those partners. 

We're also creating other communities around the large enterprise and K-12 space. In those spaces, because of the way that we incentivize them around products, we heard that it wasn't necessarily incentivizing them for growing their business with us. We want to build a community of resellers that will be focused on those two segments, and reward and incentivize them. For example, in the K-12 space, that community will have new incentives to help drive new form factors. And then some of the new solutions, such as AR/VR [augmented reality/virtual reality], which are now starting to take shape in the classroom -- we want to make sure that partners who are selling those solutions are [incentivized properly]. 

Then, we're going to leverage our distributors to help us grow and build our Authorized and our Silver base of partners.

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