Lenovo Channel Chief Cato On Increasing Rebates, MDF And Sales Alignment To Get Back Into 'Growth Mode'

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What specifically are you changing in terms of incentives?

The community of resellers will have specific targets for their growth and will have opportunities to be rewarded for growing their business more aggressively than in the past. For that group of partners in the SMB community, or in the large enterprise or K-12 community, we're going to have specific incentives for them to help grow their business and grab market share. Lenovo is back into growth mode -- we want to acquire customers at a great pace. 

We're building these communities of partners -- we haven't had that before, and we'll be supporting them in a new and different way. There'll be different incentives, higher sales coverage and a better, more robust support organization to help them grow their business.

We're going to put growth incentives in place so partners will have incentives for growing their business. Most of these will be in the form of back-end rebates. And we'll have MDF accruals that they will receive to drive additional opportunities in the marketplace.

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