Lenovo Channel Chief Cato On Increasing Rebates, MDF And Sales Alignment To Get Back Into 'Growth Mode'

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You've also been working toward delivering pricing information more quickly to partners?

Many of our partners were telling us that we were slow to respond, whether it was speed to price or on requests from partners on certain things. We needed to improve the speed at which we delivered information, and specifically pricing, to our partners. Especially around the SMB space. So one of the things that we've invested in is a new SMB bid desk. And we're going to add other SMB tools that partners can take advantage of. So that SMB bid desk will now speed up the turnaround time for pricing for SMB opportunities, from what used to be days now down to less than 24 hours. That launched July 1, so it's out in the market now. 

The other tools that we're investing in will come over the next several months, and some into next year. Some of these are digitalization tools that allow our partners more access to information -- everything from product information to pricing information to rebates. We've got to get into the next era of where this business is going, and digitalization has got to be a part of that. 

We're still leaving in place some of our most popular programs, such as the customer bonus program which is designed for SMB partners and SMB customers. And we're also leaving in place the deal registration program, but we're going to continue to enhance that.

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