Lenovo Channel Chief Cato On Increasing Rebates, MDF And Sales Alignment To Get Back Into 'Growth Mode'

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Are you increasing MDF?

We are increasing MDF. We think it's something we need to do to continue to help invest in their business, and give them marketing opportunities to grow with us -- again in the SMB, large enterprise and K-12 space. Partners will be pleased with what they're going to see from us [on MDF].

How far are these measures going in terms of rebuilding trust with partners?

I think this is the first step in rebuilding that trust. Obviously, that is earned over time. I feel very confident, after talking to a number of our partners, that we are on the right path. I'm confident that once we start getting back into a repeatable growth mode, and we show that we're reinvesting back into the channel, I really believe that we're going to rebuild that trust over the coming quarters.

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