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6 Things To Know About Nutanix’s New CEO, Rajiv Ramaswami

Mark Haranas

From his vast knowledge of VMware’s cloud strategy to his vision for Nutanix, here are six things you need to know about Nutanix’s new president and CEO, Rajiv Ramaswami.

Big Player In VMware’s Future With Project Monterey, Virtual Cloud Network

Ramaswami understands VMware’s biggest technology strategies and its long-term vision, arguably, more than nearly anyone.

Prior to joining Nutanix this week, Ramaswami was a key player in some of VMware’s most bullish and biggest long-term technology projects, including Project Monterey and its Virtual Cloud Network.

Project Monterey is VMware’s new strategy to evolve its architecture for the data center, cloud and edge to address next-generation applications like artificial intelligence and 5G.

When VMware unveiled Project Monterey at VMworld 2020, Ramaswami was the sole VMware executive on the news release providing insight into the launch. “We’re announcing Project Monterey to help customers address the shifting requirements of next-gen apps,” said Ramaswami in a statement in September. “By re-imagining the architecture of the data center, cloud and edge, we expect to offer customers the freedom to run these apps in the best environment.”

Likewise, when VMware unveiled new innovation around its bold Virtual Cloud Network strategy at VMware 2020, Ramaswami was the sole VMware executive on the company’s news release who provided insight. “The VMware Virtual Cloud Network delivers the automation and economics of the public cloud across every element of the network and spanning the entire distributed enterprise at a time when agility and cost matter more than ever,” said Ramaswami at the time


Ramaswami ‘Couldn’t Be Happier To Join Nutanix,’ Expects To Fuel Software And Subscription Growth

In a LinkedIn post Wednesday, Ramaswami said he “couldn’t be happier to join Nutanix today as president and CEO.”

“Now it is time for the next stage in our evolution, completing the ambitious transition to a software subscription model and advancing our leadership in the emerging hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure space,” he said.

Ramaswami said he’s focused on continuing Nutanix’s vision of delivering simple, flexible and cost-efficient solutions intact with a “relentless focus on customer delight.”

“2021 brings the next stage in Nutanix’s evolution and transition to a software subscription model, reinforcing our leadership position in hyperconverged infrastructure and advancing our leadership in multi-cloud infrastructure. All while innovating and creating customer value in new and adjacent areas, as well as deepening our investment and commitment to our partners,” he said.

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