Alienware To McConaughey: Cool Scenes From Dell Tech World

From smashing Dell’s ruggedized PCs to actor Matthew McConaughey talking about innovation, here are the 10 coolest scenes from Dell Technologies World 2022 that you need to see.

10 Sights To See At Dell Technologies World 2022

From award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey stopping by to the massive Alienware Arena Esports arena, Dell Technologies World 2022 is jam-packed with entertainment for everyone.

Over 5,500 people flocked to Las Vegas this week to attend Dell Technologies World, marking the first time since 2019 that Dell has hosted its flagship event in person due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s so great to be back in-person. You can feel just a ton of excitement from people,” said Megan Amdahl, senior vice president of Partner Management and Enterprise Sales, for Insight, one of Dell’s largest global partners. “We have a lot of our biggest global accounts here that we’re meeting throughout the event. … It’s been really good and highly more productive than the Zoom calls. You just get so much more interaction.”

Aside from the successful channel partner and customer interactions throughout the four-day event, the Round Rock, Texas-based infrastructure and PC technology giant provided a slew of entertainment, special guest keynotes and visually stunning displays.

On top of the slew of new products and partnerships launched, here are ten of the coolest scenes from Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas this week.

Matthew McConaughey On Innovation And Investments

Renowned actor, director, author and investor, Matthew McConaughey was one of the many top-notch guest speakers during Dell Technologies World this year.

During his keynote on stage in front of hundreds of attendees, McConaughey talked about technology, investments and his “North Star,” to name a few topics.

“Can technology not only give us, remind us to be more empathetic, remind us to have more concern for someone else’s sufferings—but can it inspire us, or activate us, to actually do more than care, but actually, let’s care for [others],” said McConaughey during his keynote on Monday titled “Unleash the innovator in all of us.”

The award-winning actor talked about his investments strategy regarding sustainable innovation.

“I try to invest my direct investments and my time and resources into things that endorse my own values and don’t siphon off the credibility that I’ve earned,” said McConaughey. “Restoration is a big sort of key point, or North Star, for me with my investments. Is it restoring sustainable innovation? Not just innovation, but innovation that I’m going, ‘That’s a good idea now, but that’ll be a great idea 100 years from now too.’ Is it necessary now, and will it be in the future?”

Alienware Arena

One of the largest showcases at Dell Technologies World was its massive Alienware Arena where attendees were constantly seen watching some of the most popular Esports professional gamers in-person.

Professional Esports team Liquid Mendo can be seen here playing the video game ‘Apex Legends’ with Alienware Ambassador Fooya.

The Alienware Arena at Dell Technologies World was a popular hotspot for attendees to kick back, relax and watch some video games.

Dell’s Alienware PC gaming business unit includes laptops, desktops and consoles. Dell touts Alienware as the best gaming manufacturer of laptops and desktops that provide uses with an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

Bees, Plants And Edge Computing

Many attending Dell Technologies World 2022 probably didn’t expect to encounter hundreds of bees and a vegetable garden when touring the Expo Center, but Dell wanted to showcase its edge computing capabilities when combining its technology with farming and agriculture.

Nature Fresh Farms partnered with Dell Technologies to leverage the company’s technology to run all its growing systems and farming technology.

Alongside using various Dell PCs and monitoring software, Nature Fresh Farms adopted many new solutions to help scale its operations and manage its business better, including Dell PowerScale storage, VxRail HCI and SD-WAN hardware and software solutions.

As Nature Fresh Farms continues to expand and deliver more fresh produce to communities across the nation, its capabilities of farming with Dell Technologies will grow right alongside it.

The Circular Oak

One of the largest structures inside the Expo Center at Dell Technologies World 2022 was the bright and beautiful Circular Oak tree.

The Circular Oak is a towering symbol of strength, innovation and possibility that embodies Dell Technologies’ commitment to accelerating the circular economy, Dell explained. The tree symbolizes Dell’s mission to lead the way in environmental protection and technology sustainability.

When Dell Technologies World ends, the Circular Oak will be recycled with its steel frame and leaves repurposed into future projects and its cardboard trunk recycled and composted.

“The circular economy has no beginning and no end; It’s a story that we will all continue to write,” read the description under the Circular Oak.

Edge Manufacturing Real-World Model

Dell crafted a real-world edge manufacturing model showcasing the company’s smart manufacturing capabilities that unifies IT and operational technology (OT).

This model is an actual replica of a production environment for a candy manufacturer that is leveraging Dell Technologies Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus. For example, the vats in the model represent the liquid candy creation.

The customer is using Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell Edge 5200 Gateways and its market leading Vx:Rail hyperconverged infrastructure to power the factory floor, drive predictive maintenance and collect meaningful data.

Dell’s smart manufacturing offerings leverage edge computing to drive business outcomes by reducing costs, optimizing production and supply chain, and improving asset utilization.

Dell’s Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus simplifies the path to smart manufacturing outcomes by streamlining deployment and integration—from edge devices to cloud applications for fast time to value. The solution also includes pre-built dashboards and custom visualizations for live insights as well as a private app marketplace for containerized and docker applications.

Smashing Dell’s Ruggedized Latitude Laptop

To prove just how tough and durable Dell’s Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme business laptop is, attendees at Dell Technologies World could drop the PC from several feet in the air onto the ground.

Participants would press a button that would send Dell’s ruggedized laptop crashing to the ground within an enclosed structure. Dell’s Latitude 7424 Ruggedized laptop was smashed dozens, if not hundreds of times, during Dell Technologies World.

The 14-inch Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme business laptop has up to 4TB of storage, featuring intuitive hot swappable dual batteries and USB 3.0 Type-C connectivity. Dell’s Latitude Rugged family of PCs has been trained and tested for some of the world’s toughest jobs and most hazardous environments.

Banking Your Voice: ‘I Will Always Be Me’

As part of CEO and founder Michael Dell’s mission to have the company’s technology drive human progress, Dell Technologies helps countless people in need across the world in various ways, including healthcare and disease.

Dell has partnered with the MND (motor neurone disease) Association to create a first-of-its-kind book title, ‘I Will Always Be Me’ which captures a person’s voice before they lose it.

MND is a devastating disease that slowly strips away a person’s ability to eat, move, speak and breathe over time—and there’s no cure. Their mind and spirit are still there, but by losing their ability to communicate, they lose a piece of their identity.

Voice banking is an often complex and time-consuming process to record a person’s voice to later develop a digital replica to help them communicate as they start to have difficulty speaking.

Dell partnered with the MND Association to help individuals bank their voice by helping create the book ‘I Will Always Be Me’ a touching and immersive book that banks your voice as you read it out loud.

The book transforms an often-difficult conversation and emotional process into a meaningful experience with loved ones for a lasting impact.

Extreme E Racecar

Dell Technologies is partnering with Extreme E, the sport for purpose-built electric off-road racing, for a radically new concept of new electric SUVs racing.

Extreme E is leveraging Dell Precision laptops and software to boost its new racing series of eSUVs that compete in the most remote corners of the planet impacted by climate change to promote climate awareness.

Earlier this year, Dell Technologies officially joined the McLaren Extreme E (MX) programme for its inaugural season in the race series, with the Desert X Prix taking place in Saudi Arabia in February.

Dell has a long-standing partnership with the McLaren Formula 1 team.

“Our work with McLaren Racing goes beyond the racetrack. We have a responsibility to protect and enrich our planet, and we can’t do that without our customers and partners,” said Liz Matthews, senior vice president of Global Brand for Dell in a recent statement.

‘Ask Me Anything’

There was a long line of attendees waiting to ask Dell Technologies’ President and Chief Technology Officer, John Roese, about anything on their minds relating to Dell’s technology vision and strategy.

The open session titled, ‘Ask Me Anything’ saw Roese and Sarah Luden, director of analyst relations at Dell Technologies, answering dozens of questions from attendees at the show.

Roese answered questions ranging from Dell’s Apex as-a-service strategy to what new opportunities are arising for Dell with the shift to hybrid work and work-from-home.

Roese is responsible for leading Dell’s worldwide product portfolio and operations strategy. He first joined the company in 2012 as EMC’s global chief technology officer, prior to Dell’s acquisition of EMC for $67 billion in 2016.

Dell Technologies Mobile Tour

Making its way across in America with 75 stops planned for 2022, is the Dell Technologies Mobile Tour vehicle that is full of more than 50 Dell products.

The product showcase on wheels travels the country to allow people to experience the latest in Dell’s infrastructure solutions and client products, including VxRail, PowerEdge servers and various Dell PCs and monitors.

People who enter the large mobile vehicle get a spacious area to actually touch, feel and interact with Dell’s products when they enter the large mobile vehicle that’s full of wall-to-wall Dell solutions.

A group of Dell experts travel with the Dell Technologies Mobile Tour to help customers get a handle on Dell’s massive end-to-end portfolio of client and infrastructure products.