10 Cool Gadgets From CES 2019 To Make Your Home Smarter

From On-Device AI To Screen Time Management

If you expected CES 2019 to be packed with dozens of new smart home gadgets, you wouldn't have been disappointed. The Las Vegas show had a large range of smart home devices on display, from a smart security camera with on-device artificial intelligence to a device charging unit that helps families manage screen time. We rounded up 10 of the coolest smart home gadgets that we saw at CES 2019—some of which may find a place at your own home. A few of these may even have some appeal to solution providers.


The SimCam is an on-device artificial intelligence camera, meaning that instead of sending video information to cloud servers for facial recognition and motion detection, those capabilities are processed locally inside the device itself, thanks to its use of the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 visual processing unit. As a result, the SimCam comes with no recurring subscription costs. The SimCam, which can integrate with other smart home devices, is available for preorder on Kickstarter in late January for a limited-time price of $99 (retail price $149). The device is expected to ship in February.

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect

JaxJox's Kettlebell Connect is a smart kettlebell whose weight can be automatically adjusted from 12 pounds to 42 pounds in six-pound increments without the need to remove or add parts. The device comes with motion sensors, a gyroscope and accelerometer, enabling it to send weight-lifting data to the JaxJox app via Bluetooth. The app in turn records reps, sets and rest time, which can then be combined with data from JaxJox's smart scale and heart rate monitor, as well as third-party devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch, to provide a personal fitness score. The product will cost $349.


Node-ify is a smart home system from Palo Alto Innovation that uses wireless, multi-sensor devices for a wide variety of smart home applications. The low-power device, called the Axon, comes with an accelerometer, as well as sensors for motion, sound, humidity and temperature, that can be used, for instance, to turn on the heat, detect leaks and send alerts when a door is opened. Node-ify is expected to come out later this year, with the Axon tentatively set to cost $30 per unit with an additional recurring subscription fee.


Lubn is an autonomous property management system that allows property managers to issue temporary access through a wireless smart key lockbox that reads mobile QR codes. The system is targeted at property managers, Airbnb hosts, service providers and store owners, who will have access to cloud software that allows them to schedule, track and organize access for guests, contractors and other kinds of visitors. The wireless smart key lockbox will be available in the third quarter of 2019 for $349.


TechDen puts a spin on the mobile device charging station with a product that aims to improve the way parents regulate screen time for their children. The device acts as a charging and storage station for tablets and smartphones that comes with advanced device management capabilities accessible via an app. Parents can use the app to set time limits and schedules for when their children can use their devices, as well as provide incentives for responsible device use. TechDen is available to preorder for $220, and it's expected to start shipping in March.

Coayu W902

Like a Roomba for windows, the W902 is a window cleaning robot from Coayu that attaches to smooth windows and autonomously navigates the surface. Based on the shape of the window, the robot chooses an appropriate path to clean the entire window. The W902 also has the ability to detect gaps and potential collisions to prevent the robot from falling. The device costs $299, and it will be available in April.


The RayBaby is a sleep and breathing baby monitor that can monitor an infant's breathing without any contact, even when the infant is swaddled, thanks to radar technology. The device features an HD video camera that comes with night vision and two-way audio, and it connects with the RayBaby app, which sends notifications when the baby needs attentions and keeps a record of the baby's sleep and breathing patterns. The device is available for $269.

B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

The B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer turns a regular faucet into a smart sprinkler. Using a Wi-Fi connection, the device reads local weather data to adjust sprinkling times for when it rains. The device also monitors water usage, which can be managed within the B-Hyve app. The product, which can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, is available for $69.

Amber Smart Storage

Amber is a smart storage platform from LatticeWork that acts as your own private cloud. The product allows you to back up files from your desktop and mobile devices, share files with family and friends and stream media to multimedia devices. The storage unit starts a $549 for 1TB, and it features an artificial intelligence-powered multimedia storage system, two hard drives, an HDMI output, a Wi-Fi router, a media servicer and personal hybrid cloud.

Hive Link

Hive Link helps families look after loved ones by taking the smart home devices made by Hive and connecting them to a monitoring app. The monitoring app, which is offered as a paid monthly service, lets family members know when their loved ones are active through Hive's smart home devices and sensors. If a loved one is inactive for too long, the app sends a notification, which then enables the user to send to other family members if he or she is unable to visit the loved one immediately. The app, which doesn't allow control of the loved one's smart home devices, will be available in the U.S. in the second half of 2019.