10 Cool Smart Home Gadgets From CES 2020 You Might Have Missed

Smart deadlocks, smart water controllers ⁠— what about smart litter boxes? Yup, if you can think of something in your home, CES 2020 probably had a smart version of it.

Smart Deadlocks, Smart Scent Diffusers… And Smart Litter Boxes?

It isn’t a modern CES if there aren’t a variety of smart home gadgets to gawk at, and this year’s show did not disappoint. There were smart deadlocks, smart water controllers, smart scent diffusers and even smart litter boxes - just to name a few of them. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The variety of smart home gadgets that were on display at CES 2020 shows that the space still has plenty of room for innovation even if something like a litter box that uses machine learning on cat feces is a little out there. But maybe it isn’t given all the smart toilets that were also on display, like Kohler's Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet (pictured) that promises "personalized experiences" for an estimated price of $10,000 when it comes out later this year.

What follows are 10 smart home gadgets from CES 2020 you definitely need to check out, whether they’re cool or weird.

Alfred ML2 Smart Deadlock

Alfred is classing up the smart lock space with its upcoming ML2 smart deadlock. The ML2 features a slick 12-button keypad, but it can also be unlocked with the Alfred Home app — or remotely when paired with the Alfred Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which also enables integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The smart deadlock can be programmed to store up to 500 unique pin codes and as many as 500 unique RFID cards for even more entry options. While the device comes with a rechargeable battery, it can also be powered using an optional Wi-Charge long range wireless power adapter. The ML2 can be easily retrofitted into most standard North American mechanical mortise locks, with support for all major keyways and high security cylinder systems. A retrofit kit for the ML2 smart deadlock is expected to retail for $699., and it will start shipping in the second quarter.

Buoy Whole Home Water Controller

Buoy is a smart water controller from Honeywell spinoff Resideo Technologies that plugs into a home’s main water line to keep track of water usage. The smart water controller connects with the new Resideo Home app, allowing homeowners to keep track of water usage for each appliance. Thanks to Buoy’s machine learning capabilities and water flow sensor, the water controller can alert homeowners when there is a leak or unusual water activity, with the ability to shut off the water manually or automatically. The water controller’s machine learning smarts also means that Buoy can provide recommendations on how to optimize water usage.


Compoz is a smart scent diffuser that allows users to combine up to five different scents to create personalized smells that can be saved or even turned into a playlist. The company, which has developed proprietary scent cartridges that contain essential oils, is targeting the device for use by consumers as well as hospitality groups, businesses and private jets. The diffuser comes with a smartphone-sized screen that allows users to mix the composition of the sets and then save different configurations that can be shared online. The playlist feature allows the diffuser to cycle through different configurations of scents over a set time. The device costs 1,500 Euros, with no U.S. pricing currently available, though it’s expected to be available starting in September.

Lyf Board

Lyf Board is a smart home dashboard that sports a colorful and vibrant Lite-Brite-like LED display for easy reading, even from several feet away. The dashboard comes with a smartphone companion app that allows you to customize information that is displayed on the screen. Types of information include time, calendar, location tracking data and fitness tracking data. The company behind Lyf Board plans to make roughly 50 apps for the device, many of which will be free, with the potential for premium content at a later time. Lyft Board also comes with integrations with popular apps and services like Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit and Amazon Alexa. The device is expected to cost $150 when a Kickstarter campaign launches later this year.

Lulupet Litter Box

Lulupet is a connected litter box that uses artificial intelligence to track the health of your cats. The litter box comes with a camera and on-board AI chip that can recognize different types of cat feces, which can provide signs of bad health depending on the shape and consistency. This is made possible by a machine learning algorithm that has been trained using a method called transfer learning. Lulupet also tracks body weight and the number of times the cat visits the litter box. The litter box, which syncs with a smartphone companion app, allows you to enter the cat’s age, breed and lifestyle, so that it can be cross-analyzed with thousands of other cats in a database. The litter box is expected to cost $99 for pre-order when its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign begins in March.

Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow aims to cut down on snoring with a connected pillow solution that detects the position of the user's head and inflates an airbag to create a better posture for unimpeded nasal breathing. The solution consists of a memory foam pillow that contains inflatable airbags as well as a solution box that monitors snoring. The device syncs with a smartphone companion app that provides real-time analysis and reports of sleeping patterns. The company behind the anti-snoring pillow, 10Minds, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for a second-generation version of the product, which is available for as low as $210 - 50 percent off what the retail price will be. The second-generation Motion Pillow is expected to start shipping in April for Indiegogo backers.


PantryOn is a connected pantry device that keeps track of household items in the pantry and auto-generates a grocery list when supplies start to get low. Meant to fit on a pantry rack, the device is shaped like a board and comes with several weight sensors that individual items can be placed on. Once the items have been paired with their respective sensors in the PantryOn smartphone app, it can be programmed to send alerts and add grocery items to a list when they reach below a certain threshold. The PantryOn device comes in two different sizes: one capable of carrying up to 12 items and the second capable of up to six items. The 12-item PantryOn device is available for pre-order for $675, with an expected retail price of $900. The products will start shipping in February.

Soundform Elite

The Soundform Elite is a new high-fidelity smart speaker and wireless charger device that was co-developed by Belkin and Devialet, a high-end audio brand based in Paris. The device features high-fidelity sound, with the ability to get up to 90 decibels of maximum volume, as well as fast wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices and Google Assistant integration. It can also sync with two or more of the same speaker. Belkin says the speaker uses Devialet’s patented Speaker Active Matching technology, which it claims “perfectly renders the original intent of the content creator with high-fidelity sound reproduction.” What’s more, the speaker’s woofers were configured to cancel any competing vibrations to ensure a “deep, impactful sound” and “implosive bass.” The speaker is expected to retail for $299 and it will start shipping in the spring.

Trova Home

Trova Home is a luxury-style connected safe that is meant to protect discretionary items like medications, jewelry and recreational products in a slick but discreet aluminum design. The storage product, which can fit on a surface like a bureau or a side table, can be unlocked wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a smartphone using secure biometric scanning. It comes with a motion sensor and a location tracker and sends alerts if the container has been accessed or moved by someone else. Inside, the container comes with a sliding tray and molded organizational ridges below, as well as two internal USB charging ports. The device is battery powered. It’s estimated to cost $700 when it begins shipping in the second quarter of this year.

Vayyar Home

Vayyar Home is smart home monitoring system that uses 4D radar imaging sensors to monitor the wellbeing of individuals within a home environment or senior living facility. This means there is no need for wearable technology, buttons or cameras to detect falls or home intrusions. The device’s sensors can monitor location, posture and vital signs, which allows caretakers to keep track of when individuals get in and out of bed, roam at night and visit the bathroom. The device, in conjunction with Vayyar’s software, can also analyze the data to identify trends, which as whether there are early signs of health conditions, like dementia and UTI. While the device is expected to start shipping in the first quarter, no pricing details are currently available.