10 Innovative Smart Home Gadgets To Know About In 2022

TP-Link, Bosch and Cradlewise were among more than 2,200 in-person exhibitors that presented in person at CES 2022.

An artificial intelligence-powered security camera, a food processor that can guide users through recipes and a self-bouncing baby crib were among the smart home gadgets that caught CRN’s attention this year at CES 2022.

Gadget providers TP-Link, Bosch and Cradlewise were among more than 2,200 in-person exhibitors that presented in person at CES 2022 in multiple resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The hybrid event also featured online content. Several tech giants including Microsoft, Amazon and Google dropped out of in-person presences at the trade show.

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Here are the most innovative smart home gadgets at CES 2022.

Chinese networking products maker TP-Link showed a new suite of Tapo smart home products at CES 2022, including the C220 pan and tilt artificial intelligence-powered home security Wi-Fi camera.

The camera can notify users of the movements of people and pets in a home, according to TP-Link. When motion is detected, sound and light alarms can go off. The pan and tilt function captures panoramic views of rooms. And the lens can be physically hidden for privacy.

In standard mode, the camera works with a 2K QHD, 110 degree per-second pan and tilt.

TP-Link’s other new Tapo offerings include smart floodlight cameras, smart contact sensors for windows and doors, smart temperature and humidity monitors and smart water leak sensors, according to the company.

Noveto N-1

Israel-based Noveto brought its N1 smart speaker aimed at home offices and workplaces that promises to give users an experience akin to wearing headphones without actually wearing headphones. To others sitting near the user, the sound is like a whisper, according to the company.

The N1 works with Alexa, smart beaming and multimodal interaction to achieve the effect, according to the company. It connects with Bluetooth and AirPlay, meaning no wires or extra hardware.

The company’s proprietary transducer array pushes acoustic waves into the air. The array is controlled by Noveto’s chipset and software. A 3D sensing module and camera in the hardware tracks ear position in real time, according to the company.

Capstone Smart Mirror

Capstone Companies featured its Thin Cast Smart Mirror at CES 2022.

The mirror allows users to check their calendar, email, events and even stream video on its display, according to the Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based company. They can check the weather, the news and even traffic patterns.

The standard mirror weighs about 19 pounds, according to the company. It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices including earbuds and speakers. The display screen can also be turned off, creating a regular mirror.

Bosch Cookit

Although not yet available in the United States, the Cookit smart food processor from German engineering company Bosch made an appearance this week at CES 2022.

Cookit offers guided cooking, automatic programs and can save personal recipes, which go into Bosch’s Home Connect application. Cookit can slice, chop, shred, steam, boil and perform other cooking functions, according to the company.

Sensors in the smart food processor monitor the temperature in the work bowl, comparing it with the recommended recipe temperature. The device also works with Amazon Alexa, according to the company.

Liteboxer Shield

Boston-based Liteboxer showcased its shield device that enables boxing workouts at home. Its LED light pads sync with music and tracks users’ progress, according to the company.

The device measures punching force, accuracy and stamina. The platform allows users to compete with friends and offers trainers to assist with exercises, according to the company.

During CES 2022, Liteboxer announced a VR fitness experience that will come to the Quest 2 headset – sold by Facebook parent company Meta. The VR experience will come with a large music library from popular artists. It doesn’t use a controller, according to Liteboxer. The VR experience will be released in March.

The company was founded in 2017 and has raised $26 million in funding, according to Crunchbase.

Dcbel r16

Canadian company Dcbel offers the r16 energy station, which charges electric vehicles with solar energy and turns the battery into a backup power source for the home.

The station provides 76 hours of backup power reserve and is compatible with popular EV charging standards, according to Dcbel.

The company has raised $40 million in total funding and was founded in 2015, according to Crunchbase.

Oto Lawn Smart Sprinkler

Oto, based in Canada, was a CES 2022 Smart Home Innovation Award honoree for its Lawn Smart Sprinkler and Treatment Applicator.

The smart sprinkler applies pest control and fertilizer while watering lawns or gardens, according to the company. It decides when to water and apply solutions based on real-time weather awareness.

Users can set up to 10 watering zones with the mobile application, according to Oto.

The startup was founded in 2019, according to Crunchbase.

Cradlewise Smart Crib

San Francisco-based Cradlewise was a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its self-learning smart crib meant to help babies ages 0 to 2 fall asleep.

The smart crib senses babies wake up and then quietly bounces while playing curated music, according to the company. It stops when babies fall asleep. Parents can also use phones to monitor their baby, receive real-time updates and track their sleep. The crib has a night-vision camera.

The company has raised $7 million and was founded in 2019, according to Crunchbase.

Roborock S7+ Vacuum

Chinese robotic devices company Roborock brought its S7+ robot vacuum and sonic mop and auto-empty dock to CES 2022.

The S7+ can store up to 60 days of dust, detects carpet and works with Amazon Alexa, according to the company. The sonic floor mopping technology scrubs up to 3,000 times a minute. When carpet is detected, the mop lifts to avoid getting it wet.

The dock can go eight weeks without emptying, according to the company.

Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too

Representatives from Smarty Pear, a portfolio company of PurLife Brands, brought its Leo’s Loo Too application-connected, virtual assistant-enabled self-cleaning litter box to Las Vegas this week.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Smarty Pear offers a litter box that works with Alexa and Google Assistant, according to the company. The litter box connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, providing monitor and control to cat owners. They even receive detailed activity reports on number of visits, cat weight and other measures captured through radar and sensors.

The Leo’s Loo Too comes with 10 bags and filters. It comes in gray, pink, blue and green. It cleans in about a minute and promises no spill, according to the company. It also uses ultraviolet sterilization for bacteria, viruses and parasites.