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10 Robots At CES 2019 That Wowed Us

Dylan Martin

CRN takes a look at 10 wow-inducing robots at CES 2019, which include a self-driving suitcase, an autonomous window cleaner and an underwater drone.


From Self-Driving Suitcases To Underwater Drones

Robots were plentiful at this year's CES, and they weren't just of the traditional kind you find in old sci-fi movies. There were autonomous personal vehicles, self-driving suitcases, autonomous window cleaners, underwater drones and programmable toys that aim to teach children how such machines work. What follows are 10 robots at CES 2019 that wowed us, and some of them are already available to preorder or purchase.


Ovis is an artificial intelligence-powered suitcase that follows you around and avoids collisions by using computer vision, neural network algorithms and multiple sensors. The suitcase follows from the side instead of from the rear, so that you can keep an eye on the suitcase at all times. Ovis will be available for $799 in the second quarter of 2019.

Whill Autonomous Drive System

Whill has developed an autonomous personal electric vehicle that will be offered as a Mobility-as-a-Service for businesses looking to improve their mobility options. The four-wheeled system comes with front- and rear-facing cameras, allowing it to navigate spaces automatically. Whill is running pilots for its Autonomous Drive System with LaGuardia, Schipol and Heathrow airports.


Zumi is a self-driving car toy that aims to teach users about how artificial intelligence and autonomous driving works. The small device is fully programmable and can be taught to learn optimal driving routes, identify and avoid objects, and recognize gestures and faces. Zumi provides coding interfaces for both beginners and advanced users. The toy is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $119 (retail price $180).

Coayu W902

Like a Roomba for windows, the W902 is a window cleaning robot from Coayu that attaches to smooth windows and autonomously navigates the surface. Based on the shape of the window, the robot chooses an appropriate path to clean the entire window. The W902 also has the ability to detect gaps and potential collisions to prevent the robot from falling. The device costs $299, and it will be available in April.


MITO is an underwater drone from Navatics that can take stabilized photos and video using a 4K high-definition camera. The drone comes with built-in active stabilization technology, a 45-degree adjustable tilt lock and a 500-meter radio frequency remote control. The drone's camera can stream video wirelessly from a waterproof buoy. The drone also comes with a four-hour battery that can be easily swapped out. The drone is available for preorder for a discounted price of $1,499 (regular price $1,999).

Robby 2

Robby 2 is the eponymous, autonomous "snackbot" from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Robby Technologies. The self-driving robot comes with cubby spaces for storing snacks and other items, all-wheel drive for hills and tough terrain, full-spectrum cameras allowing it to see at night, and a software-enhanced battery that allows it to travel for more than 20 miles. In January, the company announced a pilot with PepsiCo to launch a fleet of Hello Goodness snackbots at the University of the Pacific campus in Stockton, Calif.


Mabot is a plug-ang-play modular robot that allows children to build custom robots with sensors and motors that can be fully programmed. The Mabot IDE app provides a visual coding interface based on the Scratch coding language. The Lego-compatible modular robot is available in an educational kit for $850, a medium kit for $550 and a small kit for $200.


Ambidex is an ambidextrous robot designed for human-robot collaboration. The robot's arms make movements using cable-driven mechanisms that are designed to make interactions with humans safe. At 5.7 pounds, the arm can move 5 meters per second and carry up to 6.6 pounds. Supported applications include simple carry tasks and tasks that require precise movement. The robot can be controlled in real time from remote locations.

Titan Underwater Drone

Titan is an underwater drone from Geneinno that can dive up to 492 feet under the ocean and other bodies of water. The drone comes with a 4K camera, six powerful thrusters, the ability to regulate balance and a four-hour battery. The drone's camera, which has a wide-angle lens and supports high- and low-angle shots, broadcasts live video to the Titan's controller. The drone is available for $2,999.

R-16 ‘Ray’ Agricultural UAV

The TXA r-16 "Ray" is an agricultural drone that autonomously applies pesticide across a crop field. The drone comes in a folding design, allowing it to be stored in more compact environments. With their modular design, the drone's pesticide tank and battery are easy to remove and replace for quick repairs. The drone's battery is designed to prevent power reduction caused by overcharging and discharge.

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