10 Cool New Internet of Things Products Released In September

New IoT Products Hit The Shelves

The Internet of Things market is moving at a rapid pace, and in September, releases of new cutting-edge products to the market didn't slow down.

Vendors like Apple, LogMeIn and Qualcomm have stayed on top of the lucrative IoT market by lifting the curtains on their own connected devices. Whether these products are wearables, like the Apple Watch Series 2, connected sensors, chips, or even connected vacuum cleaners, like the connected Neato Botvac, vendors are broadening the scope of the IoT market across the board.

Here are 10 of the coolest products that the tech industry got a sneak peak of in September.

Neato Robotics Botvac D3 and D5

Neato Robotics unveiled two new smart connected vacuum cleaners in September – Neato Botvac D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected. These products connect to an app that features a dashboard with cleaning stats and a new ’Find Me’ function.

Neato's robots use the company's LaserSmart technology, which combines laser scanning, continuous room mapping and real-time object detection to plan the most efficient course to clean houses.

The vacuum navigates in the dark, moves from room to room, and knows when to return to its base for recharging — and then automatically goes back to where it left off to finish the job, according to Neato.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple in September released the second generation of its Apple Watch, which is targeted for sports.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company said its newest watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, and has a faster dual-core processor, improved graphics and a brighter display. In addition, the watch has GPS, which can measure distance and speed when the user is running or biking.

This smartwatch is available in two sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm – and costs $369 in aluminum and stainless steel. Apple also announced a partnership with Nike to release the Apple Watch Nike+ edition, designed specifically for runners.

ARM Cortex R-52

Chip design company ARM in September released its Cortex R-52 chip, which is designed for an array of Internet of Things applications, including automotive, healthcare, farming, and functions in other vertical industries.

According to ARM, the Cortex R-52 has been licensed in a deal with semiconductor manufacturing company STMicroelectronics. The processor is specifically intended for mission-critical functions in which customers may be in high-risk situations.

"You would want this anywhere there was a danger of loss of life or limb due to machine-human interaction,’ said John Ronco, ARM 's vice president of product marketing, in a statement.

LogMeIn's Xively ProductLauncher

LogMeIn in September lifted the curtains off its Internet of Things interactive design tool, Xively ProductLauncher.

This tool enables companies to model their IoT projects before they invest time and resources to develop customer software and physical projects. The ProductLauncher is powered by the full-enterprise Xively platform and offers more than 300 connected templates across several IoT use cases – including smart home, commercial and health care, according to LogMeIn.

Sen.se ThermoPeanut Smart Temperature Monitor

Sen.se tackled the Internet of Things with its new ThermoPeanut connected sensors. These sensors can monitor temperature in and around a house, and can trigger alarms or notifications in response to heat detection. For instance, if a child's room gets too warm, ThermoPeanut can send notifications to the user's phone or other device.

The ThermoPeanut is available for $29 through Sen.se's website.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E

Qualcomm is hitting the lucrative Internet of Things market hard with the release of a new embedded processor, the 410E, which is targeted for connected applications.

The Snapdragon 410E quad-core processor, which clocks at 1.2GHz, contains both 32- and 64-bit support, and offers high performance, low power consumption and a rich multimedia experience, according to Qualcomm. The 410E is targeted for IoT use cases in smart homes, digital signage, medical equipment, industrial automation, digital media players and smart surveillance.

The 410E series supports the Android, Windows 10 and Linux operating systems, and has an integrated ISP that supports up to 13 megapixels.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600E

In addition to the 410E, Qualcomm announced it will release another embedded Snapdragon processor, the 600E, in 2017.

The 600E will be available for applications with higher processing power, such as portable sonograms. This processor is also expandable for a variety of use cases with SATA, DDR memory and PCIe interfaces, according to Qualcomm.

The Snapdragon 600E features a 1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Krait 300 CPU, which the company says is the ’ideal processor for building advanced systems with multi-core performance and immersive 3D graphics.’

The 600E also supports integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS for connected applications. It's also highly expandable for a variety of use cases with SATA, DDR memory, and PCIe interfaces.

Foghorn Lightning Edge Intelligence Software

Startup Foghorn Systems in September announced that its Lightning Software platform for real-time analytics applications, running on small footprint edge devices, is generally available.

This platform allows application developers and system integrators to quickly build high-performance edge analytics solutions for industrial operations applications.

The platform also enables businesses with distributed operations to get insights into IoT-connected machines, as well as operations technology control systems and sensors attached to those machines.

Cambium Networks CNReach Narrowband Radio

Cambium Networks on Sept. 13 released a new narrowband radio, cnReach, which the company says supports secure long-distance transmissions for the Industrial Internet of Things.

The cnReach N500 radio provides network operators a complete wireless networking solution to implement their IIoT initiatives by connecting devices at the outermost edge of their operations. The product supports licensed and unlicensed operations in the 900 MHz and 700 MHz frequencies, with additional frequencies planned, and eases the transition from serial networks to all-IP networks with extensive built-in I/O capabilities, according to Cambium Networks.

People Power IoT Suite

People Power, an IoT-as-a-Service provider, launched a new suite enabling service providers to offer home security and care services.

This suite comprises four software offerings allowing businesses to connect, deploy and manage smart home services. One of the tools, Presto, is an open-source software development kit allowing manufacturers to connect IoT devices; while the suite also offers Virtuoso, an app framework for Android and iOS to allow users to manage their IoT services from a device. The suite also includes a cloud-based IoT service that offers real-time analytics, dubbed Symphony, as well as an all-in-one commend center, Maestro, that supports end users and makes consumer IoT programs easier to manage, according to People Power.