2016 Internet Of Things 50: 5 Coolest IoT Security Vendors


The Internet of Things arena abounds with potential services for solution providers to deliver -- and one of the biggest opportunities is in security.

As the number of networks and devices increase in IoT offerings, the security risk also deepens. The massive Distributed Denial of Service attack, which in October blocked more than 1,200 websites across the U.S. -- was launched through vulnerable connected devices and spurred security straight to the forefront of any IoT discussion.

Fortunately, security vendors are creating their own tailored offerings to protect sensors, networks and gateways -- and they want to keep their partners in the loop. Following are five vendors with the coolest security offerings for the Internet of Things.


Top Executive: Chris Risley, CEO

Bastille approaches the Internet of Things market by detecting and mitigating threats in IoT applications through security sensors, software and airborne emission detection.

The Atlanta-based startup, which received $9 million in a Series A funding round last year, touts an enterprise-grade IoT product that uses software and sensors to scan a customer's air space, giving visibility into every radio-frequency-emitting device.

The company in July unveiled a vulnerability in a low-cost wireless keyboard dubbed "Keysniffer," where hackers could remotely detect the keystrokes of wireless keyboards from eight manufacturers from distances up to 250 feet away.


Top Executive: Michael Decesare, CEO

ForeScout's new top channel executive, Todd DeBell, has helped shape the San Jose, Calif.-based company's drive into the Internet of Things as well as the role that partners play in its IoT efforts.

ForeScout provides an agentless visibility and enforcement security offering for all connected devices on a company's net­work. The company's CounterACT offering monitors devices the instant they connect to the network and enables a broad range of network access controls for IoT.

Last year, ForeScout also said it was teaming up with Intel Security to better secure the Internet of Things and bring-your-own-device landscape, as well as help partners extend their value with customers without deploying additional technology.


Top Executive: Lila Kee, General Manager of the Americas and Chief Product Officer

GlobalSign develops public key infrastructure and identity and access management technologies, and the company has doubled down on the Internet of Things by converging the two technologies in its Identity Management Platform.

The Boston-based company says its platform can build high-scale identity management and security into customers' mobile and IoT devices. GlobalSign says it can leverage its existing identity access management infrastructure to address the growing number of IoT ecosystems, including context-based identity delegation and access control.

GlobalSign also launched a new channel program last year to help its partners use its public key infrastructure and identity access management technologies to secure IoT.

Tempered Networks

Top Executive: Jeff Hussey, President, CEO

Seattle-based Tempered Networks' flagship security product cloaks its customers' critical systems and high-value end­points in the Internet of Things.

Tempered Networks says its offering for securing IoT de­vices also enables network segmentation to reduce organiza­tions' attack surface and simplify their infrastructures.

The company says it is 100 percent partner-driven, and in September it launched a new partner program targeted at network security and automation-focused partners. Most re­cently, Tempered Networks locked down $10 million in fund­ing in August.


Top Executive: Dick Williams, CEO

Webroot has been working to build out its security portfolio around the Internet of Things, with security offerings for op­erationally critical devices, gateways and networks.

Webroot's BrightCloud Threat Intelligence series offers se­curity for IoT gateways through inbound and outbound pro­tection. The high-volume, high-availability cloud service, which delivers real-time threat intelligence on malicious IPs and websites, is available to Webroot's partners.

The Broomfield, Colo.-based company has doubled down on IoT over the past few months by hiring a new vice presi­dent of IoT strategic partnerships, John Sirianni, and recently acquired machine-learning analytics company CyberFlow analytics in September.