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The 10 Biggest Internet Of Things Stories Of 2016

Lindsey O'Donnell

1. Security Matters: IoT Devices Compromised In DDoS Attacks

The entire IoT industry was upended on Oct. 21, when a security breach was through vulnerable IoT devices.

Hackers behind the distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) used connected consumer devices, including webcams, routers and video recorders, to overwhelm servers at Dyn, Inc. and led to the blockage of more than 1,200 websites – including Twitter and Netflix.

The DDoS attack shed light on the risks behind the security vulnerabilities of many IoT devices, and many solution providers called on manufacturers to invest more in security measures behind connected products.

The attack also led to manufacturer Hangzhou Xiongmai recalling the web cameras that use its circuit board and other components – one of the many devices used in the attack.

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