20 Cool Gadgets From CES 2017 To Make Your Home Smarter

Smarter Gadgets For Cooler Homes

This year, the Internet of Things is taking center stage at CES 2017 -- and the majority of connected products are built to be placed right in the consumer's home.

But vendors aren't just showing off connected products to make homes smarter -- this year, personal assistants and voice-recognition command features also are being showcased at CES, as companies try to make products that integrate multiple smart offerings in the home and make more personalized devices.

From a smart alarm clock that acts as a personal assistant as well as tells time, to a connected webcam that tracks what food in your fridge will soon expire, here are the 20 coolest smart home gadgets that CRN saw at CES this year.

Sleep Number 360 SmartBed

Sleep Number has introduced the next generation of its connected bed -- Sleep Number 360 SmartBed. Like its predecessor, this smart bed can self-adjust throughout the night to match the sleeper's movements and patterns. However, Sleep Number has made the smart bed even smarter. For example, if you snore while sleeping, the bed will sense this and adjust itself to lessen the snoring.

The new bed also comes with foot warming technology, warming up the feet while the user is falling asleep and then turning off once they are in dreamland. The new smart bed will be available in the first half of 2017, according to a representative. The price has not yet been finalized.

Bonjour Personal Morning Assistant

If an alarm clock just doesn't meet your needs when waking up, try Bonjour, the personal morning assistant.

This smart alarm clock, which made its debut at CES Unveiled this year, can adjust wake-up times for certain conditions. For instance, Bonjour will wake you up earlier if there is heavy traffic on a day that you have an important meeting scheduled, or automatically let you sleep in on the weekend.

In addition to being alarm clock, Bonjour acts as a smart home hub, integrating with smart home devices like WeMo, Philips Hue and Nest; as well as a personal assistant with voice-recognition features, to update you on the weather or news. Holi, the French company that manufactured Bonjour, said that shipments are expected in June 2017.

Airmega Smart Air Purifier

The Airmega smart air purifier uses built-in sensors to make sure you know just what's happening to the air in your house.

This device tracks the pollution level in houses and shows how data has changed over time, and when the purifier needs to be cleaned. The Airmega uses built-in sensors and sends notifications directly to your smartphone.

While the Airmega was launched at last year's CES, the product is back this year with a new announcement -- it can integrate with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, meaning that users can turn their air purifier on or increase its speed by just voicing their command.

Smarter's FridgeCam

No one hasn't gone to the grocery store and wracked their brain about what they actually still have in the fridge -- and connected kitchen product manufacturer Smarter wants to fix that with Fridge Cam.

This small camera is placed in the refrigerator and detects which items are in stock, what they are, and their expiration date through a companion app that users can check while at the store. Fridge Cam also offers suggestions on how you can use your groceries before they go bad, and shows any nearby grocery store locations.

Fridge Cam will be available in the first quarter of 2017 for $149.99, according to a representative.

WooHoo Smart Assistant

WooHoo, dubbed the "world's first AI-embedded, interactive, and affordable smart home hub that enables comprehensive control of every smart device," wants to be the next Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

This smart assistant takes its role as a smart hub a step further with an embedded 7-inch touch-screen hub that comes with facial and voice recognition so users with the correct voices can use it.

WooHoo also has a 360-degree HD camera, as well as a spatial surround sound system and compatibility with connected devices like Echo and Nest. The Hub also features a natural language processing capability -- so you can talk to it as if it was a human.

WooHoo is currently on Kickstarter, and the product will be shipped in the middle of the summer.

Fenotek's Smart Doorbell

French startup Fenotek has launched at new wireless and GSM-enabled video doorbell, dubbed "Hi)."

This smart doorbell can recognize familiar faces with a real-time app notification that allows homeowners to confirm identities. Just as importantly, the device detects strangers approaching the house and notifies the user through Fenotek's companion iOS and Android apps. This gadget features 24/7 video monitoring, as well as in-app door control and alarm triggers. Fenotek's smart doorbell is available for pre-order at $299.

Stringify, The IoT Automation Service

Stringify wants to automate the different IoT services around your home, like Nest or your smart Phillips Hue lights. This automation service, which at CES launched new support for Android devices, connects connected home devices, wearables and others to create seamless automated experiences.

For instance, users can connect their smart thermostat to their smart lights to that the lights dim automatically when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. So far, Stringify supports more than 500 smart products, including Nest, SmartThings, and digital services like DropBox. The iOS and newly launched Android app are currently available.

Smart Remote

Using Sevenhug's Smart Remote, users can control all their smart devices in their homes merely by pointing at them.

The Smart Remote is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infrared devices, which are detected through sensors placed throughout the house.

The Smart Remote recently completed a $1.1 million Kickstarter campaign and is now available for pre-order for $299. The device will ship in September.

Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector

With Netatmo's smart smoke detector, you can now control your smoke alarm using Apple's Siri voice assistant.

This Apple Homekit-enabled product has most features expected from a smart smoke alarm, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and remote notifications through a companion app. However, users have the option to tell their smoke alarm to turn off using Siri. The smart smoke detector will be available later in 2017.

Caseta By Lutron

Lutron is lighting up the technology in homes with Caseta, a lighting control system that works with users' existing lights.

The system comes with both physical and app-based controls, meaning users can operate their lights even if they have left their smartphone in another room. That also means guests won't be left in the dark. Caseta is available for $99.

HiMirror, A Smart Beauty Mirror

HiMirror debuted its new HiMirror Plus at CES, a $259 smart beauty product. This mirror enables users to analyze and assess their skin conditions, such as wrinkles, dark circles, spots and pores -- and then recommends customized skincare routes to help improve those blemishes.

HiMirror Plus features LED makeup lighting with five different environment settings, as well as increased memory, to accommodate more users.

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp lets users point light in any direction through a companion app. Vienna-based startup Luke Roberts made its smart lamp with 300 light-emitting diodes to change colors, and the user can pick and choose where that light goes through their app.

For instance, if you want a green light on one side of your living room and a red light on the other, you can customize the lamp. The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is available for preorder now and will be available in 2017.

U by Moen

Ohio-based company Moen introduced the first app-based digital shower system, U by Moen, during CES.

This product is an app-based controller that is installed in the shower to personalize showers. The device allows users to create preset settings for water temperature, so the shower can automatically warm up to the ideal temperature, and allows multiple users to program their own specific settings. U by Moen is available for order now and will be shipping in March for a starting price of $1,160.

Bosch Mykie

At CES, Bosch showed off Mykie, short for "My Kitchen Elf," a connected kitchen companion.

This smart robot listens to voice commands and helps with everyday activities in the kitchen, such as cooking -- the product can help by putting up recipes from an index. Beyond that, Mykie can help by answering questions about how long a cake still needs to bake in the oven or what's in the refrigerator.

Mykie is also compatible with a range of Bosch's Home Connect household appliances, such as connected refrigerators and coffee machines. At this point, Mykie is still a concept but may hit shelves later in the year.

LG Hub Robot

LG lifted the curtain on a new personalized robot, the Hub Robot, as a digital assistant for smart connected homes.

The Hub Robot uses Amazon Alexa's voice-recognition technology to complete household tasks, including turning on the air conditioner or changing a dryer cycle with verbal commands. But the robot also moves and swivels in place, responding to consumers using body language like nodding its head when answering questions.

This robot is also equipped with an interactive display to show things like the contents of the refrigerator or recipes. And, like many other digital assistants on the market today, Hub Robot can play music, set alarms and provide weather updates. LG did not disclose a release date for the Hub Robot.

LG Smart InstaView

LG is bringing IoT into the kitchen, showing off its newest smart refrigerator at CES. The fridge, called Smart InstaView, uses LG's webOS smart platform to provide connected solutions for users. But the biggest news here is that LG has partnered with Amazon, so that the Smart InstaView has integrated Alexa voice control -- meaning that it responds to voice commands.

Smart InstaView comes equipped with a 29-inch LCD touch display on the front, which enables users to explore Wi-Fi-enabled features right on their refrigerator, like searching for recipes or playing music. LG did not disclose the release date or pricing.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo took the wraps off a new smart home assistant, the Smart Assistant, during this year's CES. The company worked with Amazon for the speaker, which uses Alexa for its voice command and response skills.

Similar to Google Home and Amazon Alexa speakers, users can give commands or ask questions to Lenovo's speaker. The cylinder speaker, which contains a volume on top and comes in an array of colors, is priced at $129 and will be available in May.

Aera Smart Fragrance

It may be a hassle to cover the smell of dirty laundry when guests come over, and Aera wants to erase that pain at CES with its Smart Fragrance product for smart homes.

This product contains a variety of different fragrance capsules that can be triggered through a companion app. So, if you are driving home and know that guests are coming over, you can schedule the Smart Fragrance product to turn on from your phone.

The Aera Starter Set is currently available for $189. This set includes the device and a fragrance capsule.

Vorwerk's Thermomix

Vorwerk showcased its Thermomix product at CES, an all-in-one connected appliance that has multiple functions -- including weighing, chopping, milling, steaming, blending and cooking.

Thermomix also features a touch-screen display so that users can follow on-screen instructions while cooking. The product is currently on the market, but Vorwerk launched a new guided cooking recipe platform, called Cookidoo, as part of Thermomix at CES. This platform will hit the market in 2017.

Canary Flex

Canary showed off its new Flex product -- a versatile, small smart home security camera.

Canary says this product is the first indoor and outdoor weatherproof, HD security camera that can be used wire-free or plugged in. The Canary Flex also comes with a 360-degree magnetic swivel base, making it easier to mount on the porch, in the garden or inside your house. The device connects to an app, enabling it to notify users when strangers are approaching the home or keep a track record of who has been in and around the home. The Canary Flex is currently available for $200.