20 Crazy Connected IoT Products At CES 2017

Connected Craziness

The trend at CES 2017 seemed to be to connect anything and everything. Vendors at the Las Vegas show, which took place last week, debuted smart belts, mirrors, tables -- even smart hairbrushes.

The Internet of Things, which market research firm IDC forecasts will grow 15.6 percent in the next three years, took center stage on the CES show floor. This year, more companies added sensors to a variety of products -- including consumer appliances, manufacturing products and smart home platforms.

Here are the 20 coolest -- and craziest -- Internet of Things products CRN saw at CES this year, from smart fridge cameras to connected sprinklers for house yards.

June Smart Oven

With the June smart oven, which we saw at the Digital Experience showcase, consumers can now use IoT to make their dinner.

The countertop smart oven can be controlled with a complementary June app, enabling users to control the oven with their iPhone or iPad and monitor their cooking with a live video stream. The oven monitors the food's weight and temperature as it cooks with precision weight sensors and uses Wi-Fi connectivity to send notifications to the user's mobile device. June costs $1,495 and is on the market now.

Kolibree Ara Smart Toothbrush

CES-goers saw the first smart toothbrush with artificial intelligence this year: Ara the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush.

Dental product manufacturer Kolibree said that its smart toothbrush collects data about its user's brushing habits, even when it is not connected to its corresponding app. Ara provides users with feedback about their brushing techniques based on integrated artificial intelligence technology. When the toothbrush is not connected to its companion app, it continues to store and collect data -- an ability that Kolibree claims is an industry first. Ara will be available for pre-order at the end of February and will priced at $129.


MasterLock wants to help users keep their possessions safe with a smart lock system that can be opened or closed by the user's smartphone. Bluetooth is the key to this smart lock, which opens when the phone owner comes within a certain distance. The lock can also be cracked manually, and users can give others access to the lock in case they are not available. MasterLock's product launched at CES is the MasterLock BLE Lock Box, which is portable and attaches to a wall mount so it can go anywhere in the home or office. This product will be available in the spring of 2017, according to the company.


MySmartBlinds showed off its automated shutter blinds on the CES show floor. These smart shades can be controlled via a Bluetooth app, so you can schedule them from your smartphone or smartwatch to open and close. For example, the blinds will automatically turn in the morning so that the sun will not get in your eyes when you sleep.

For those who don't want to invest in a new set of blinds, MySmartBlinds also offers an automation kit for existing blinds that fits all major brands. The automation kit is currently on the market for $99.

Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector

With Netatmo's smart smoke detector, you can now control your smoke alarm using Apple's Siri voice assistant.

This Apple Homekit-enabled product has most features expected from a smart smoke alarm, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and remote notifications through a companion app. However, users have the option to tell their smoke alarm to turn off using Siri. The smart smoke detector will be available later in 2017.

HiMirror, A Smart Beauty Mirror

HiMirror debuted its HiMirror Plus at CES, a $259 smart beauty product. This mirror enables users to analyze and assess their skin conditions, such as wrinkles, dark circles, spots and pores -- and then recommends customized skincare routes to help improve those blemishes.

HiMirror Plus features LED makeup lighting with five environment settings, as well as increased memory, to accommodate more users.

Panasonic Smart Table

Panasonic's Smart Table is a lot more than a surface -- users can check their emails and phone calls, video-call others, and more all while sitting at their kitchen table.

This interactive wooden table enables users to view content on its surface, and heats or cools drinks or food. The table features integrated wireless device charging and syncing capabilities and multiple infrared range sensors and cameras -- all backed by a proprietary operating system. Panasonic's Smart Table is still in the prototype stage.

Sleep Number 360 SmartBed

Sleep Number has introduced the next generation of its connected bed -- Sleep Number 360 SmartBed. Like its predecessor, this smart bed can self-adjust throughout the night to match the sleeper's movements and patterns. However, Sleep Number has made the smart bed even smarter. For example, if you snore while sleeping, the bed will sense this and adjust itself to lessen the snoring.

The new bed also comes with foot warming technology, warming up the feet while the user is falling asleep and then turning off once they are in dreamland. The new smart bed will be available in the first half of 2017, according to a representative. The price has not yet been finalized.

Fenotek's Smart Doorbell

French startup Fenotek launched a wireless and GSM-enabled video doorbell, dubbed Hi).

This smart doorbell can recognize familiar faces with a real-time app notification that allows homeowners to confirm identities. Just as importantly, the device detects strangers approaching the house, and notifies the user through Fenotek's companion iOS and Android apps. This gadget features 24/7 video monitoring, as well as in-app door control and alarm triggers. Fenotek's smart doorbell is available for pre-order at $299.

Smarter's FridgeCam

Who hasn't gone to the grocery store and wracked their brain about what they actually still have in the fridge? Connected kitchen product manufacturer Smarter wants to fix that dilemma with Fridge Cam.

This small camera is placed in the refrigerator and detects which items are in stock, what they are, and their expiration date through a companion app that users can check while at the store. Fridge Cam also offers suggestions on how you can use your groceries before they go bad, and shows any nearby grocery store locations.

Fridge Cam will be available in the first quarter of 2017 for $149.99, according to a representative.

Vorwerk's Thermomix

Vorwerk showcased its Thermomix product at CES, an all-in-one connected appliance that has multiple functions -- including weighing, chopping, milling, steaming, blending and cooking.

Thermomix also features a touch-screen display so that users can follow on-screen instructions while cooking. The product ison the market now, but Vorwerk launched a new guided cooking recipe platform, called Cookidoo, as part of Thermomix at CES. This platform will hit the market in 2017.

Stringify, The IoT Automation Service

Stringify wants to automate the different IoT services around your home, like Nest or your smart Phillips Hue lights. This automation service from Stringify, which at CES unveiled support for Android devices, connects connected homes devices, wearables and others to create seamless automated experiences.

For instance, users can connect their smart thermostat to their smart lights so that the lights dim automatically when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. So far, Stringify supports more than 500 smart products, including Nest, SmartThings and digital services like DropBox. The iOS and newly launched Android app are available now.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Rem-Fit wants to take pillows to the next level with Zeeq, a comfy pillow that plays music, monitors and reacts to snoring, and analyzes sleeping habits. This smart pillow helps ease users asleep by playing music, meditation sounds, or audio books through embedded nine precision wireless speakers, and also contains a decibel-tuned microphone that monitors snoring intensity. Under the pillow's comfort foam shell is also a 5000mAh battery with audio wave technology to promote restful, and vibration monitors that react to snoring. Zeeq is still on Kickstarter and available for pre-order at $249.

Aera Smart Fragrance

It may be a hassle to cover the smell of dirty laundry when guests come over, and Aera wants to erase that pain at CES with its Smart Fragrance product for smart homes.

This product contains a variety of different fragrance capsules that can be triggered through a companion app. So, if you are driving home and know that guests are coming over, you can schedule the Smart Fragrance product to turn on from your phone.

The Aera Starter Set is available now for $189 and includes the device and a fragrance capsule.

Hair Coach

L'Oreal is jumping into the technology space with a connected beauty product -- a smart hairbrush, the Kerastase Hair Coach.

The hair coach is a brush equipped with sensors and technology powered by Nokia-owned Withings to measure the quality of hair and effects of different hair routines.

This special brush features a microphone to identify patterns in brushing, as well as an accelerometer and gyroscope. Users can look at a companion app to tell how often their hair is being brushed -- and whether it has been over-brushed. Hair Coach will be available in the fall.

Airmega Smart Air Purifier

The Airmega smart air purifier uses built-in sensors to make sure you know just what's happening to the air in your house.

This device tracks the pollution level in houses and shows how data has changed over time, and when it needs to be cleaned. The Airmega uses built-in sensors and sends notifications directly to your smartphone.

While the Airmega was launched at last year's CES, the product is back this year with a new announcement -- it can integrate with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, meaning that users can turn their air purifier on or increase its speed by just voicing their command.

Smart Lawn Riding Mower

Tool maker Craftsman wants to help lawn mower owners maintain their expensive products with a Bluetooth riding mower called Smart Lawn.

Smart Lawn, which the company says is "a smarter way to mow," helps users track their lawn mower's maintenance, prompting users when the oil needs to be changed or the blades need to be replaced. Consumers can order replacement parts or make an appointment for a repair with just the tap of button on the companion Smart Lawn app.

The connected Smart Lawn kit is on sale now for $80, but users can also purchase an entirely new smart lawn mower starting at $2,600.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

With Rachio's smart sprinkler controller, which the company showed off at CES, homeowners can automate their backyard watering systems through their smartphones.

Rachio's smart watering system lets users control the sprinklers on their lawn. Users can control their watering systems right from their iOS or Android devices -- but the company takes it a step further. Rachio can schedule itself based on local weather patterns accessed through Wi-Fi, and automatically optimizes a watering schedule based on the specific needs of your yard. For example, if it is raining outside, Rachio will automatically turn off. Rachio said homeowners using its product save about 50 percent of their outdoor water use. Rachio is currently available for $200 for eight sprinkler zones around the yard.

Eugene, The Smart Recycling Tool

If you're a recycling fanatic, Eugene by Uzer may be the perfect tool for you. This gadget will scan trash before it is thrown away -- and tell you whether it needs to be recycled.

Eugene uses a product database, supplied by Walmart and Amazon, to determine whether things are trash or recyclables. This tool also is compatible with a smartphone app and lets you track how much you've recycled by weight and what you've thrown in the garbage. The gadget is currently available in Europe.

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp lets users point light in any direction through a companion app. Vienna-based startup Luke Roberts made its smart lamp with 300 light-emitting diodes to change colors, and the user can pick and choose where that light goes through their app.

For instance, if you want a green light on one side of your living room and a red light on the other, you can customize the lamp. The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is available for pre-order, and will be available in 2017.