10 Cool IoT Products Worth Checking Out Right Now

New Year, New IoT Products

Between CES 2017, the National Retail Federation, and the Global IoT Tech Expo, January was jam-packed with conferences where companies showed off their newest connected products.

The internet of things products released so far in 2017 seem to cross the spectrum in terms of applications – from consumer and smart home devices, to solutions targeting the retail market. This month, partners saw new products as diverse as Intel's Compute Card, a platform to help connect products like cameras or digital kiosks; and Stringify, an IoT automation service meant to automate smart homes.

Here are the 10 coolest IoT products you need to check out right now.


MySmartBlinds in January unveiled its automated blinds at CES 2017. These smart shades can be controlled through a Bluetooth app, so consumers can schedule them to open or close from their smartphone or smartwatch. For instance, you can set the blinds to automatically close in the morning as the sun rises.

For those who don't want to invest in a new set of blinds, MySmartBlinds also offers an automation kit for existing blinds that fits all major brands. The automation kit is currently on the market for $99.

Intel Compute Card

Intel is squeezing compute and connectivity power into a small, credit-card sized product called the Compute Card.

The chip-maker's newest product is a compute platform that "transforms the way compute and connectivity can be integrated and used in future devices." Intel's Compute Card features an Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity for hardware partners to optimize their IoT solutions – from connected cameras to smart kiosks. Intel said its Compute Card will be available in mid-2017, and will also feature its new seventh-generation Intel Core processors.

Stringify, The IoT Automation Service

Stringify in January showed off a new tool to automate the different IoT services around consumer homes, such as Nest or Phillips Hue connected lights.

The company's automation service, which was launched with new support for Android devices, connects home appliances, wearables and other devices to create seamless automated experiences.

Users can trigger automatic responses in the home's connected devices so that, as an example, the lights dim automatically when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. Stringify supports over 500 smart products, including Nest, SmartThings, and digital services like DropBox. The iOS and newly launched Android app are currently available.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

Rem-Fit wants to take pillows to the next level with Zeeq, a comfy pillow that plays music, monitors and reacts to snoring and analyzes sleeping habits. This smart pillow helps ease users asleep by playing music, meditation sounds, or audio books through embedded nine precision wireless speakers, and also contains a decibel-tuned microphone that monitors snoring intensity. Under the pillow's comfort foam shell is also a 5000mAh battery with audio wave technology to promote restful sleep, and vibration monitors that react to snoring. Zeeq is still on Kickstarter and available for pre-order at $249.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

With Rachio's smart sprinkler controller, which the company showed off at CES 2017, homeowners can automate their backyard watering systems through their smartphones.

Rachio's smart watering system lets users control the sprinklers on their lawn. Users can control their watering systems right from their iOS or Android devices -- but the company takes it a step further. Rachio can schedule itself based on local weather patterns accessed through Wi-Fi, and automatically optimizes a watering schedule based on the specific needs of your yard. For example, if it is raining outside, Rachio will automatically turn off. Rachio said homeowners using its product save about 50 percent of their outdoor water use. Rachio is currently available for $200 for eight sprinkler zones around the yard.

Eugene, The Smart Recycling Tool

Eugene by Uzer is a "smart recycling tool" that scans trash before it is thrown away – and tells users whether the trash needs to be recycled.

Eugene uses a product database, supplied by Walmart and Amazon, to determine whether things are trash or recyclables. This tool also is compatible with a smartphone app and lets you track how much you've recycled by weight and what you've thrown in the garbage. The gadget is currently available in Europe.

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp lets users send light in any direction through a companion app. Vienna-based startup Luke Roberts made its smart lamp with 300 light emitting diodes to change colors, and the user can pick and choose where that light goes through their app.

For instance, the lamp can be customized so it shines a green light on one side of the living room and a red light on the other. The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is currently available for pre-order, and will be available at some point in 2017.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo took the wraps off a new smart home assistant, the Smart Assistant, during CES 2017. The Chinese company worked with Amazon for the speaker, which uses Alexa for its voice command and response skills.

Similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers, users can give commands or ask questions to Lenovo's speaker. The cylinder speaker, which contains a volume on top and comes in an array of colors, is priced at $129 and will be available in May.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm's newest processor in its Snapdragon line, unveiled in early January, is targeted for virtual reality experiences and runs on the next-generation 10-nanometer technology.

Qualcomm says that its newest chip, which succeeds the Snapdragon 820, launched at last year's CES, has made vast improvements, most notably in battery life and virtual reality and IoT capabilities.

The Snapdragon 835 is currently in production, and the first devices based on the processor will be shipping in the first half of 2017.

Vorwerk's Thermomix

Vorwerk showcased its Thermomix product at CES, an all-in-one connected appliance that has multiple functions – including weighing, chopping, milling, steaming, blending and cooking. Thermomix also features a touchscreen display so that users can follow onscreen instructions while cooking.

The product is currently on the market, but Vorwerk launched a new guided cooking recipe platform, called Cookidoo, as part of Thermomix at CES. This platform will hit the market in 2017.