10 Cool IoT Startups That Are Winning This Winter

Winter Wonderland For IoT Startups

This winter, IoT startups are seeing a snowstorm of good fortune, including new funding rounds and acquisitions.

Meanwhile, vendors including Microsoft and Cisco sought to build out their artificial intelligence and data analytics segments with the acquisition of IoT startups.

Here are 10 IoT startups that are beating back the winter blues.

Silicon Labs Scoops Up Zentri

Los Gatos, Calif.-based Zentri, which makes low-power, connected Wi-Fi technologies for IoT applications, said in January that it will be acquired by Silicon Labs.

Zentri, which was founded in 2013 and was named one of the "Cool Vendors in IoT 'Thingification' 2016" report by research firm Gartner, creates modules, embedded and cloud software, APIs and other tools that enable the rapid development of secure IoT end node products.

Roambee Snags $4.1 Million In Funding

IoT startup Roambee in January said it has received a second round of funding -- to the tune of $4.1 million – from Silicon Valley investors.

The startup, founded three years ago, offers IoT-based offerings for shipment tracking, with technologies such as sensor data, analytics and predictive reporting. The offering also features a portable sensor device and cloud-based software platform, enabling companies to collect data from multiple streams to deliver machine-learning predictive analytics.

Ring Bags $109 Million In Series D Funding

Startup Ring, which makes video-connected doorbells, said in January it has raised $109 million in Series D funding. The funding comes from lead investor DFJ Growth, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.

Ring, founded in 2012, makes connected video devices that enable customers to capture motion sensing in front of their homes and receive alerts.

SoundHound Raises $75 Million

As more devices get connected to the internet, startup SoundHound wants to equip customers with the use of speech to control.

The startup in January said it has raised $75 million to bolster its core speech artificial intelligence platform, Houndify, that can identify and interpret audio for IoT devices. Investors for this round of funding include Samsung Electronics Catalyst Fund and Nvidia.

Nectar Raises $4.55 Million In Seed Funding

In December, IoT startup Nectar secured a $4.55 million seed funding round from investors including Joe Lonsdale and Lior Susan.

Nectar's IoT offering targets alcohol inventory management – the startup's platform solves the information gap in the consumer packaged goods and alcoholic beverage industries. While little has been revealed about Nectar's IoT offering, the company said it will help bars and restaurants regain control of their liquor supply needs.

Orient Electronics Acquires Smart Devices

Bluestar, the IoT division of Orient Electronics, in January said it has acquired Pakistan-based startup Smart Devices, an IoT company that enables consumers to control home appliances from their smartphones. The startup offers dedicated Android and Chrome apps with its smart products and has integrated its devices with third-party product capabilities – including Amazon Echo and Apple Watch.

Airmed Raises $1.47 Million

Airmed Pathology Lab, which runs IoT home services startup Airmed, has raised $1.47 million in Pre-Series A funding from Brand Capital. The India-based startup uses cloud-based technology to collect samples and run tests across a controlled network of labs and pathologists and offers an app that allows patients to book and manage their test results. The startup also uses IoT technologies to ensure that test samples are protected from heat, sunlight and contamination during transportation.

Unearth Raises $1.3 Million

Seattle-based IoT startup Unearth in December said it has raised $1.3 million in a seed offering. The company is building an IoT product that it said will help construction teams avoid communications breakdowns, which could cause major projects go over budget or become delayed. According to the company, this product is in its testing phase and will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

Car Chabi Raises $150,000 In Seed Funding

In January, IoT startup Car Chabi said it has secured $150,000 in seed funding from Treet Corporation. The Pakistan-based startup, which launched in 2016, offers digital keys for cars through smartphones so that users can lock or unlock and turn on their car, as well as turn on their car's air conditioning or heater. Users can install the IoT Car Chabi kit and then get the companion Android app (the iOS app is coming soon, according to the company) to control their car.

Microsoft Acquires Maluuba

Microsoft in January said it is acquiring IoT and artificial intelligence startup Maluuba as the company scopes out machine-learning technologies that could make its Cortana personal system stand out. The acquisition of Montreal-based Maluuba will help Microsoft further focus on natural language deep learning, especially around answering questions as well as decision-making.

Maluuba, founded in 2011, has raised $11 million in equity funding, according to Crunchbase. The company focuses on improving computer systems' reading comprehension, memory and common-sense reasoning abilities.